We are made to give and receive love…

Apr 29, 2016 | Sufism

You know how God sends opportunities for love and healing and when we’re ready they show up all around us so we can’t miss them? If you’ve been on this path more than a week, you probably get what I’m talking about.

This week has been full of gifts showing up in myself and in friends and clients. Al-humduli’llah – praise be to The One.

The other day, in morning Remembrance meditation, I was feeling a presence outside of myself, just to my left side. As I looked to inquire who or what it was, I saw a persona of my younger self – the young teenage years.

This was the me I didn’t like – not then or ever. She had tried so hard to be something others would accept and like, but it never turned out the way she had hoped. She had carried so much pain, and I couldn’t contain her.

When I was old enough to move away and begin making significant life changes, I left her behind, hoping no one would ever find out about her and hoping she would never catch up with me.

I had to abandon her in order to survive. I pushed her away, yet there she was. She remained by my side all these years, no doubt making herself known through my subconscious behaviors.

Thank God for mercy, love, compassion and forgiveness.

What I had to accept is that she is me – underneath the pain, she is the same seeker of love and truth. She just hadn’t found it yet.

Now that I see, I can welcome her back in.

I never meant to deprive her of the love she was seeking all this time. For this I feel a deep sorrow, yet I will not waste any more time.

Now that I know, she sits in my heart with me, receiving the love I’ve come to know – a deep Universal love that gives life to all of existence beyond comprehension of the human mind.

This love is hers too, regardless of the mistakes she made or the pain she carried. The forgiveness and acceptance now unites us as one.

There is never any reason to deny ourselves love – not any part of us. No matter what your mind tells you, you are born to receive and give love.

I don’t write this to bring you to your pain, but to give you hope and offer support.

If there is any part of you that is not able to receive love – or if you want to help clients heal the disowned parts of themselves – you’re invited to join us for weekly Remembrance meditation.

You can start today by downloading the Free Spiritual Renewal and Healing eCourse. It comes with teachings on the Remembrance meditation, plus an audio recording of a guided meditation process with Dr. John Wadude Laird. You can also join me on Tuesdays at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern for live group Remembrance calls.

If this calls to you, just click here to access this free ecourse.

Wishing all of you a love-filled weekend.

Blessings and gratitude for you!

Mastura Graugnard on behalf of your friends and family at UOS