The Way to Love

Jul 7, 2017 | Sufism

The following poem was submitted by Susan Fatima Abbassi, a writing specialist and current UOS student:


The Way to Love


I am on my way to love,
Alertly, with the wholesome consciousness
And friending pure conviction
In this journey, I proceed
Only with a potent will.
You who have sealed your doubts,
And have defeated your fears,
Hurry to come with me.

To see love,
I have left myself behind
And have buried my thoughts alive.
Steadily but assuredly
I have abandoned my desiring.
You who are willing to die,
And eliminate your ego,
Hurry to come with me.

On my way to love,
I see roses and bluebells singing the song of harmony.
I can hear,
Plainly, with the soul of my being
The word of wisdom being preached by the flowers.
You who are tired of the mundane
And long to see the mystery,
Hurry to come with me.

In His sacred realm of light,
Where reality is palpable
And cosmos is at hand
The beloved gives away His love
Amiably, with assurance of serenity.
You who have an empty cup,
And are thirsty for truth,
Hurry to come with me.

Susan Fatima Abbassi is a writing specialist who holds a master degree in English literature and a double Bachelor Degrees in Religious Study and English from California State University, Bakersfield. Susan is the faculty adviser for Muslim Student Association (MSA). Her true passion for spiritual healing and the Divine brought her to the University of Sufism, where she seeks to be an instrument of divine love and healing for herself and others.


Photo credits: Adobe Stock Photo © Pellinni #75664169