Powerlessness: 3 Ways it Show Up, and How to Take Your Power Back

May 5, 2017 | Sufism


The topic of Powerlessness has been showing up in many ways lately. It is always present in some way, but it seems to be highlighted in flashing neon lately – a gift to help to learn about the subtle tricks of the shaytan that keep us from trusting in Allah.

Here are a few ways it shows up. If you hear yourself saying any of these statements, try shifting the conversation within yourself and between you and God.

1. “I can’t have [fill in the blank] because I don’t have any money.”

Money carries energy. In itself, it is inert and has no power over you. There is plenty of it in this world, and it is not difficult to get the money energy to flow to you. Furthermore, if Allah puts a desire in your heart for something, or gives you a gift to steward in this world, then He also gives you the means to fulfill that desire or care for that gift.

Whether you desire a vacation or to pay your rent, try shifting the conversation to “Beloved Allah, my heart has a desire for… If this desire is from You, I trust in You to provide me the means. Please open my eyes to see, and guide me to right action to receive Your provision. I trust in You. Thank You!”

Then really trust. Put it in Allah’s hands. And take action.

For example, if you need $!00, say the Fatiha (Opening prayer, if you know it) and ask for guidance. Make a list of all the ways you can bring in $100. Then take action, with confidence, certainty, and trust in Allah’s provision.

2. “I can’t control my eating. At certain times of day or in certain emotional states, the urge to eat overpowers me, and I binge.”

What is the urge that overpowers you? Is it bigger than you? This urge is an energy, and it is not bigger than Allah.

Call it out of your body, and face it directly. Say the following phrase directly into the energy: “Le illaha illa ‘llah.” There is no god, but the One God.

Watch as the energy of the urge shrinks in size and the strength within you increases.

Nothing has power over God, and only God has power over you. God wants you to know Him through knowing yourself. Know the power God puts in you, and let it be bigger than the urge for food.

3. “My life is overwhelming. There’s not enough time to do everything I need to do. I feel like I’m always behind.”

Sometimes life gets so busy, and it feels like the to-dos become a swarming cloud overhead, or maybe the cloud is engulfing you. Now your life has taken charge, and it is managing you instead of you managing your life.

Again, this overwhelm is an energy. It is not bigger than you, and certainly not bigger than Allah. Call on the strength of Allah, al-Aziz. Call the cloud into formation in front of you. Say “Le illaha illa ‘llah” into the cloud.

Let the strength of al-Aziz build in your core. Call on al-Muqaddim, the orchestrator. Take your power back from the cloud and become the manager of your affairs, with the grace and ease of the attributes that Allah has put in you to know Him.

Whether you struggle with money, food or time, notice what voices are playing in your storyline. Where have you surrendered your power?
The Sufi teachings say to be self-sufficient in the world and needy only for Allah.

Notice is you are passively waiting for someone or something to rescue you. Why have you given more power to something outside of yourself and Allah. Turn to Allah and His attributes that He has put in you to know Him.

Generally, we need to take action to meet what Allah has for us. Allah sends many gifts, and sometimes we have to get up and open the door to let them in.

What gifts are knocking at your door?

May you have a blessed and fulfilling weekend, in trust of Allah and positive expectancy of His decree for your life.

Mastura Graugnard on behalf of all your friends and family at UOS