How to Unleash Divine Guidance

Jun 30, 2011 | Sufism

Below are highlights from Dr. Jaffe’s teleclass, “Five Veils that Keep You From Knowing Divine Guidance.”

1. Divine guidance is true guidance that leads to a good, holy and successful life.

2. We have poor guidance because we turn away from it; we don’t trust when we do hear it; we don’t follow what we are given.

3. Divine guidance is felt as knowing and as an illumination of truth. It’s a feeling and a light. It takes time to develop this awareness but in time you’ll be able to see the light and how it moves within you. It literally will speak to you. Eventually you can hear it very clearly. It leads you to the highest in life.

4. Deep subconscious memories are stored in the body and these these hidden images create blockages from hearing, seeing or knowing REAL divine guidance. Understand these images. Release and purify these images so that you can go forward with this beautiful, clear light shining from within.

5. Many people are afraid of knowing divine guidance and when they see it, they choose not to trust it. This is a costly mistake because people don’t trust themselves or don’t think they are worthy to have what their divine guidance shows them.

6. A key to unblocking guidance is to KNOW that divine guidance is INSIDE YOU. Lock onto it like a tractor beam. Learn what divine guidance is and then receive directly from this light.

7. Learn how to protect the light of divine guidance inside your heart and mind so it doesn’t get lost. Keep it solid and present. Establish yourself in divine guidance and hold it inside and don’t allow it to disappear. Don’t listen to anyone else. Be strong in the light.

8. The divine qualities are sacred invocations which open like a portal to release the divine flow of wisdom inside you.

9. One secret of divine guidance is the spiritual purification of self-doubt and places of mistrust.

10. It’s important to make a decision and commit to open the doors of your heart so it can receive this guidance. Once you make this decision and commitment, walk into it and allow the divine guidance to give you everything you want and need so you can have the real success in the Highest and most complete way.