How to Live a Worry-Free Life

Jun 19, 2012 | Sufism

Imagine it if were possible to live a worry-free life.

In a worry-free world, you wouldn’t be concerned about how much money was in your bank account, if your boss was angry at you and if your children were on the right track.

Most people in this world run from worry, anxiety and fear and turn to the world to fix it through quick fixes like:

  • Medication
  • A career
  • Material possessions or
  • A new relationship.

But quick fixes never work out in the end.

The KEY to living a worry-free life with deep freedom of the mind and soul is learning how to access and follow Divine Guidance.

Deep inside your heart is an inner desire to know Divine Guidance and hear God’s wisdom. You can have ideas about what listening to Allah is, but until you clean out your beliefs and ideas, you won’t get an accurate sense of direction. In fact, this is exactly how many people get it in to trouble. They aren’t accurately tuned in to God, but they think they are.

It would be like having a compass so obscured by dirt, you can’t read it!

You trust the compass simply because it’s a compass, never giving any thought to whether or not it’s pointing in the right direction.

The faculty and teaching of the University are focused on supporting each student to clean your beliefs and ideas so that this Divine light shines brightly and is a clear reflection and accurate compass.

If you are in need of true cleaning and healing in ANY area of your life (health, family and relationships, money, spiritual), or you feel blocked in some way, we invite you to book a low-cost spiritual healing session at our Student Healing Clinic.

“May God illuminate the way in front of you and me.” – Sidi al-Jamal