How to Grow a Rare Species

Jul 30, 2014 | Sufism

As-salaam alaykum,

As we approach the end of our fundraising campaign, and of our generous donor’s matching pledge, beloveds are stepping forward to give support to the University in new and creative ways.

Nura Ducca, a current 4th year student, who contributes annually to the University annually, will be donating in a new way this year, gifting securities. It is the form of giving that she feels she will continue in the future.

“If you’ve invested in something that has grown in value, what a blessing to share some of that with the University,” she says. “And in a very practical way, it does not upset day-to-day cash flow. It’s really an easy process.”

When asked what moves her to renew her support each year, Nura laughed as she responded. “How could I not?” she exclaimed. “This is a University that develops the heart as well as the mind, which is what is needed to transform the world. Sidi has said that the University is the only one of its kind in the world. It is a rare species that must continue to thrive. It’s a gift to support it, and a great blessing.”

Beloveds, we need your support to continue to offer the programs and scholarships that we do. We are grateful for every gift in every form. Thank you so much for your commitment to the University and to Sidi’s teachings.

With love and gratitude,

UOS Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff

P.S. You are still eligible for our final drawings for free sessions with UOS faculty! All gifts made by midnight on July 31st will be included.