How to Find God

Feb 23, 2012 | Sufism

How do I find God?

Beloved, if you come to God, you will find Him beside you. If you want God, you must be polite because God is not outside of you. First, look inside you. Many people read about the truth because they want to know, but God is not with the person if he does not want to know God from his heart. God will not give you the truth unless you are righteous. If you do not have this truthfulness in everything, you will not reach. This is from the message.

He Will Give You Everything
You cannot know the truth unless you are weeping for the time you have lost. If you truly want God, He will give you everything, but your heart must be clean. How else can He give you what you want because He puts everything in its place?

God is Very Rich!
He can give anyone what they want. If a person wants money, He can give him money, or love, or mercy. This is easy for God, but if you want Him, this is difficult. But if He helps you, you can reach. If you walk straight, you will find God. If you do not walk straight, how will you find God?

God can bring you from any place and put you here in this place. If anyone wants God, he can come to this house and God will guide him to find Him. Then pray and reach what he wants. This is my picture. You can reach God because He has given you the time to thank Him.

You are everything to Him and He gives you Himself
The truth is very expensive. the price of truth is everything, but if you can give everything to God, then God will give everything to you. You are everything to Him and He gives you Himself. You are the picture. Keep this picture. Not everyone is given this choice. You must put yourself in prayer and know that no one can contain you, only the family of God.

~Songs from the Garden of Love

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