How Love and Mercy are Keys to Your Healing

Nov 17, 2011 | Sufism

There are several keys to lasting healing and transformation. Here are three important factors in healing.

1. Our relationship to God or our relationship to the Lord of love and mercy.

2. Receiving divine love and mercy into our heart.

3. Discovering our God-given nature-our innate goodness.

Today, we are talking about the importance of receiving divine love and mercy into our heart. When we receive God’s love and mercy for healing, we also receive the divine light of God. This divine light also lives in our heart. It was planted there in the beginning, and as this light is unveiled, it removes old patterns and reveals qualities and understandings inside of our heart that give new meaning and purpose to our life. Then we become a new person. But really we become our original creation, with a heart full of love, peace, compassion and freedom.

Why is receiving from God so essential?

Most of us are busy giving but not truly receiving into our hearts and our bodies. Many of us are also hard on ourselves. We push our self to do more, to do better but not from a place of love and mercy for our self. It is usually from a place of harsh perfectionism.

For example, inside there’s a voice that is whispering to us subtly,”you’re not good enough so you need to work harder and do more in order to get love, in order to get support, in order to get anywhere.”

There’s no grace or mercy in this. There’s only pushing. When we are able to open our hearts to the love and mercy from God , these are keys to healing and to a truly fulfilling and joy-filled life.


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