Here’s what’s cooking – don’t want you to miss it!

Jan 29, 2016 | Sufism

First, I want to express gratitude for the many responses to last week’s newsletter. We are truly blessed with a beautiful, caring, loving community. Thank you for being a part of it!

Now for today’s info: We’re almost a whole month into 2016. We hit the ground running this year with new classes and free offers. I want to give you a snapshot of what’s available to you right now so you don’t miss out on something you may want and/or need.

1. This is the last weekend to take advantage of the FREE Healing Session offer from the Student Healing Clinic. Through January 31, 2016, new clients receive their first healing session free. If you know someone, including yourself, who would like a taster of the healing work we teach and practice at UOS, please send them, including yourself, to this link to sign up for a session before Monday morning.
NOTE: Click the first link under “How do I get started?”
Here’s what one of our recent participants had to say about their experience:

“[My healer] embodies compassion and understanding. Her open and receptive heart allowed me to voice the discovery of anger at God that I found in my heart. She fully reflected the human need to express pain. As a result, I opened in a new way. This morning, I knew the way to be free of the pain and suffering was through Peace and Wisdom that transcends my human understanding. To see Truth: that my life experiences served my growth and evolution and the Divine. Peace at last. Thank You.”

2. The Food-Body-Spirit Connection webinar. I’m very excited to be presenting and facilitating this webinar.

a. Do you have challenges with your weight or the way you feel about your body image?

b. Do you have challenges with food and digestion?

c. Would you like to find healing through the many messages available to you in your relationship with food and your body?

Your relationship with food, your body and your digestion are all reflections of your relationship with God. They hold many keys to your walking.

If you’d like to explore and heal in a loving supportive group, please visit this webpage for more info and registration.

If you have questions about content, you can reply to this email with your questions. Thank you!

3. We’re now enrolling for a NEW Year 1 class to start this April, 2016.

Have you been waiting for the right time or opportunity to bring your authentic light to the world?

The Masters of Divinity program can bring you the knowledge, tools and personal growth to uncover your gifts and light and bring your service to those who need it.

Why hesitate? The world is waiting for your gifts. What are you waiting for?

CLICK HERE to schedule a chat with one of our specialists.

4. We’ll be starting another FREE teleclass series with various UOS faculty starting February 17th. Stay tuned for information coming next week.

We’re excited about all this new year is bringing. If you’ve been waiting to dive in with us, why wait any longer? Take the leap.

If you’ve tasted and would like to share with someone you know – or everyone – please forward this email to those who might appreciate knowing about this information. We thank you.

Blessings and gratitude for you!

Mastura Graugnard on behalf of your friends and family at UOS