Growing in the Dark

Oct 23, 2017 | Sufism

Plants have inherent knowledge of how to move, and where to grow based on the light of the sun. The presence of light is often associated with outward growth: the sunnier seasons of Spring and Summer and their leafy green fecundity. But what of the darker hours of Winter?

As the darker hours grow, so too do the plants – but in ways we do not see immediately. They spend this time rooting down into the soil, slowly stretching into new earth. In the darkness, their energy is devoted to a kind of unraveling, rather than the beautiful display we see in their foliage and flowering of the warmer seasons.

Much like the plants, darkness can too bring us blessings of calm and connection. Our spiritual guide Sidi often spoke of the holiness of night: those times of stillness during the last third of the night where the veils are thinnest and the time for healing and revelation may be more accessible.

I invite you to find prayer in the dark hours; to root yourself in the nourishment of Remembrance. If we all stretch the roots of our Spirit, we can create a network of exchange and transmission which will alllow our hearts to flower together like never before when the light returns.

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