Divine Love is Your Medicine

Jul 9, 2012 | Sufism

Sufi prophetic healings are based upon one key ingredient – your ability to receive.

ALL healing in its essence and at the deepest level has to do with receiving love. No matter what issues you are working on or whatever your concerns are, the bottom line is that divine love is the medicine. Your ability and willingness to receive love are keys.

Receiving is a hidden topic; people do not usually pay any attention to it. Perhaps this is because many of us have issues around receiving (i.e. money, love, compliments, etc.).

Sometimes people are afraid to receive love because of past experiences. For many reasons, we were trained as children not to receive. We were blamed for being selfish or stuck up or spoiled when we asked for what we wanted. Many people had parents who did not give them love each time they wanted it; and most people do not have friends who give them love and support in the way they want it and when they want it. As a result, most of us do not know how to receive love and positivity with an open heart. It is the nature of the human being that human love is rarely unconditional and constant.

The only love that is constant and unconditional is the love of God: the love of the Divine. This love is here all the time.

There is a saying that the sun shines on saint and sinner alike. This refers to the love of the Creator; the love of the Divine is available to everyone around the clock whenever we open ourselves to it.

We invite you to experience Divine Love through our spiritual healing clinic.