Divine Guidance: When you’re attached to outcomes

Jun 29, 2010 | Sufism

Question: Sometimes I am attached to a certain answer and I know this blocks receiving clear guidance because “I’m in the way.” Any suggestions on how to remove these blocks especially when you feel the pressure to find an answer?

Great question! No easy answers on this one. Strong attachments block the process every time. One part of the solution is to commit to washing the attachments which are one of the expressions of the human being wanting to be the boss, of wanting to be the lord.

Unfortunately, the job is already taken, by Allah!

The process of clearing attachments becomes one of looking deep in our heart to see where we are holding on to lordship and why.

Are we afraid of losing control?

Are we fearful that we won’t be cared for?

Are we invested in wanting to be treated in a certain way?

Do you see a pattern that is basically “wanting what we want”?

Another approach to clearing attachments is to focus on deepening your reliance on Allah. The bottom line question might be: why are you in this life? The answer: to let go of your attachments or to surrender completely to Allah and experience the blessings of a life lived in intimacy with the Divine.

This question is one all of us must ask ourselves again and again, especially when we’re up against our attachments and preferences. Allah gives us the freedom to live a life guided by our selves until we decide we only want a life guided by the One Who is the Source of Love, Peace, Mercy, Wisdom and Knowledge.

Thoughts shared by John Wadude Laird, MD, President of UOS in a recent teleclass on Divine guidance.