Be Immersed in Our Gratitude – Survey results

Dec 10, 2012 | Sufism

A few times a year, we like to connect and find out what moves you. The end of the year is a time of great reflection for most. We were overwhelmed with what moves you and want to share it.

As you read through the responses, remember that God is the Most Generous and has made these things abundantly possible in your life.

What are you most grateful for over the last year?


The recovery of my health

I am most grateful for being able to experience life in a totally different perspective based on the inward aspect of living instead of the outward aspect of it.

Alhamdulliah for the all & everything with which I have been Graced.


I am most grateful for the gift and ability to discern, and truly trusting my judgement because I ultimately trust in Allah.

love & Healing

Concerning you guys, I always know you are there, I read the weekly emails, I encourage others to partake. Mostly, I know that the support and love that is provided by you all will be there if and when I need it, even if I never use it. That is invaluable.

The mercy and compassion and love and grace from Allah

my Health my family and community of those traveling on this journey we call life..

Life, grace

acceptance, eye contact, learning that how others treat me doesn’t determine my self worth, watching my body grow and change through my yoga practice

witnessing my daughter blossoming as she is off at college. All the abundance in my life from Allah, subhannah wa-ta alla.

My life, traveling.

My relationships have really improved, especially a painful one with a family member. I am dealing with some tough situations that are easier to cope with

That both my sons are growing more confident with their lives and that their bodies be healed from physical dramas. For me to be at peace with my financial situation and to help others on that level too.

my spiritual journey

For my personal experience on the land, taking the promise with Sidi. Finding so much love to give and receive in this path. Every spiritual spark I have been blessed with as well. Every earthly thing Allah has blessed me with to live a comfortable life. Surrender, love, connection, oneness.

The opportunities

I am most grateful for NATURE, the trees, the animals, the innocent beauty that I am surrounded by here in Northern California. My family, my beloved husband, two children, pets. My blossoming business. My mother.

Most grateful for the support of everyone involved in UOS and the Center for providing support in my walking.

A son’s return from combat. The time with several persons no longer with us.

for surviving.

The depth and breadth of wisdom and compassion.

for good health…happiness…my friends who have always been with me all along…the wonderful opportunities Allah blessed me with…my family…Alhamdollillah..and all the wonderful opportunities that made my life’s journey more meaningful…life feels blessed….!!

I am thankful that I have a wonderful family who is always there when I need help financially in being able to be in classes i could not afford. This year I am thankful I have learned to get closer to Allah swt. May Allah swt Bless my great new family. I feel the Love, Mercy, and Joy being around everyone. I thank Allah swt for bringing me to my Guide Siddi. As sallaamu alaykum Rahmatuallah wa Barakatu.

Morning practice teleconference calls — especially those from Mahabba Arthur, Nur and Mohammed.

my family

time to understand the purpose of what i am going through, inshallah.

That our Beloved was truly with me for the six weeks I was in the hospital. I had no need for fear, depression, or anything negative. I had my remembrance to walk me through everything, and the deep knowing that whatever the outcome I was held in the heart if The Beloved and it was all part of his plan for me.

love, mercy, from our guide, our tariqa, and Allah

I have many things to be thankful for. While I don’t have everything I want in life, I have what I need.

My health.

inner growth, outer peace

My opportunities that I receive every day.

starting the process of surrender

Living with my Wife and Daughter and my new contract renewal

I am grateful to Allah for everything the way he supported me

Being on the Sufi Path, the wonderful tele-classes for those of us who are not able to attend the University at this time, and the increasing awareness within an improved quality of life for me and all my family as the result of my walking and prayers. Gratitude for the morning call and study of Sidi’s book HWKHKHL with Na’ama, she does a wonderful job helping us to understand this teaching.

My 4-year-old daughter, my mom taking the lead on a legal issue, the expansion of my career with teaching children, my progress in my walking, the expansion of my family’s connections with our Sufi community and neighborhood community

YOU GUYS – a life AS A SUFI – Beautiful, Beloved and Full of constant Love for H’Allah. I am more myself than I have been since I was 7. Coming home With you guys and Sidi and Everyone is simply the greatest gift – Thank You! Beyond that – simply becoming a student at UNR and beginning my life as a Civil Engineer. Learning how to build is as much about learning the Lord as anything I’ve ever done. I appreciate everything He did so effortlessly to bring this world together. Our version isn’t much different than playing with blocks – but it is fun! Thank You for asking – LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Hugs and Smiles

all the wonderful new opportunities that have come into my life

good health, prosperity, abundance and grace

My health, my children’s health.. Our wellness mental and emotional. That we can learn and seek to learn. We can love and seek to love.

That we all have survived in a very exhausting time.

Feeling much stronger and a much deeper connection to Him through the path and practices and i feel something strong wants to emerge from me that I am not clear yet.

The peace protection and abundance god has provided

Sidi our path and the tools to get through life

Meeting Sidi. Taking the Promise. Knowing Allah is the Truth and the Light.

opportunities to serve; opportunities to heal; opportunities to share

for my family and for my closeness to Allah

Knowledge of world transformation and emphasis on love and heart feeling.

I am most grateful for my faith and trust in God, for my amazing family. For my religion and testimony of the strength I receive from Jesus, my savior. For special friends. For my teacher and mentor in my emotional healing classes and for the healing I have experienced and helped others experience. For the joy of life.

My relation and reflection, practice my spiritual principles in to every area of my life.

for every things that i m aware and not that god bless me with

Love, family, life, peace, job, my family.

The things I’ve learned about myself

my family and friends and my deepening desire to know God

having another year to be a part of my daughter’s life

give and receive love

That I’m still living and have a chance to put things right!

My health, my artwork, prayer.

Connecting with old friends, deep sharing

That God is every time support me!!!

family at peace

Good health, Having a place to live and food to eat to keep myself healthy and finding the Healing University

To have felt the the connection of God. To have felt seen and noticed by Allah.

Love and friendship

My husband, my community and the change that is occurring in my life presently. I have no idea where it may lead

having a beloved

For being able to attend the university, for all the many blessings I and my loved ones have received all year long ! Alhamdulillah !

For a partner who models and teaches me daily what it is to forgive and to love. For my friends of long standing. For a safe place to live and for having enough. For my family.

The sincere authentic Sufi heart centered beloveds! Thank you for the free audio’s & Ib’s Q & A & all recordings.

I’ve made strides this year to remember who I really am.

the Sufi path

An improved relationship with my beloved, and plenty to do.

sitting with Sidi my walking and its fruits my beloved husband my gifts of intelligence, word and song material security

I guess I’ve not really thought about so far, this has been a very weird year.

My wife

Having this life experience

new found belief

my spiritual growth, the love of my family and my health

for my daughter, my husband and the chance to draw nearer to Allah each day!

Expanding my spirituality. Growing in love. My heart has expanded. It’s an ongoing process. It’s difficult at times, but so worth it.

For my friends, for my work, for my opportunities to lead a spiritual life

My Spiritual growth

I am so grateful for the prayers of Sufi community that helped my mother make her transition. I am grateful this community came into my life, even if I am not closely sutured into the life.

That I have simply survived the past year with my heart more or less intact, though feeling pretty beat up! Grateful for the consciousness that I am not a victim.

My new marriage

Salary increased at work

My Sufi path and the connections I’ve gained through that path.

New sense of reliance on Allah.

less time in remembrance /meditation

The deep message of Unity. For our Father guide for coming here each year and helping us all, by being the example of the mercy and love, giving us the gnosis. I’m grateful for the himma from Allah, subhannahu wa ta ala. I’m grateful for all the beloveds on this path and their precious hearts they share with me, it helps me expand. It is a miracle to been brought to Islam. To have this divine connection to our Lord, and having the salaam in my heart. It is all I ever wanted my whole life, to know God. The arrival of every way it unfolded for me. Ya Allah al-Alim Ya Allah al-haqq. Shakur Shakur!!!! As-Salaam,

A new and higher level of self-acceptance, freedom, and unconditional care/appreciation for other human beings.


connection with the divine

my relationship to a God of Mercy over Wrath

Life itself, awareness of love, nature’s healing power

Spiritual insights and getting over certain Fears

too personal

Good health

I am grateful to be more aligned with who i am, to be alive and aware about all i have, i am and i want to be. I love to be grateful 🙂

My spiritual guide and spiritual teachers, my children, my beloved, my cat, my health, my job, my grace

Supportive family & friends

grateful for my life and my soul that leads me so well to everything I need to awaken and evolve.

I’m grateful for my kids, family, and health, and pet

Many more


The fact that I am a Muslim.

Family and friends and all of my interactions, with people, animals with nature. I am grateful for getting better at seeing something interesting, enjoyable, moving, lovable in every creature.

My family

I always recollect thoughts and try to capture it in the mind and for remembrance in adverse condition

healing, Goodness Oneness, Abundance, being taking care of, having so much love and material things

I’m grateful for my daughter and being a new parent.

by grace of almighty god day by day i am closing to god.

for the knowledge I received the love and bond with god my work my health my family their health and love


The fact that I’m able to provide a wonderful home and future for my son and I.

For the awakening of my heart and compassion for living joyfully within family and community.

I’m grateful to find you in my google search.

I live in Israel. I am alone here and my 20 year old son who is in Mexico told me that he will come in February to live in Israel. I thank god so much for that gift having my son here.

My son coming into the world 6 weeks early and thriving!

I am still here and almighty has blessed me beyond what I deserve

That I have came to a place where I have peace in my heart soul. Also still have a far way to go


improving financial security, deepening my appreciation for divinity and mysticism

my family, health, having God open the door for me being at the zoo and surrounding myself with beautiful sweet souls.

For everything that Allah brought to me an my family since I meet this Path. Alhamdulillah

blessed to have family well…blessed that the universe has provided me healing during very painful challenges…doors opening and closing staying essentially centered and without judgment

I am grateful to the Mercy and Love God bestows upon me, my wife, my baby, and the blessing of all my basic needs met (food, a beautiful place to live, etc).

a Sufi healing

That I finally was able to meet Sidi in person. Being close to my sons. Being on this journey of peace love and mercy

My family and the filing of the love of God

Friends, chance meetings, getting closer to living my purpose, kindness, animals, my pets, my family, art, music

I am grateful for all of the love and Love in my life.

That I made it and that my daughters are doing really well.


A healthy happy family

The love of and for my husband as we separate and divorce. It is a doorway into Allah and the nondual. Peace, love, mercy, acceptance of Allah’s truth and what is possible in this world. I feel liberated to become who I most truly am.

Allah’s Mercy & Kindness, Being a member of this Shadhuli community, Family, Work

for all the UOS has given

the sufi path

Love of friends, waking up, opportunity to love others, my children, grandchildren, a good life God’s love, God in my life.


My kids

the peace that I had even in financial hardships. and the well being of all the members of my family, that I pray to Allah for

my growing understanding that humility is the key.

The gift of life and love

Time with my animal family and feeling of divine connection.

To have a supportive family that was there during my challenging times

I’m grateful for the Generosity of Allah, and that he meets my needs always, no matter what.

The gifts God has given me.

Knowing Allah loves me and cares for me.

Birth of my son. My family. New home. Allah’s generosity in my business.

The birth of my son, my family, our health, trying to make myself a better human being, not forgetting the healing power of Allah.

Healthy happy family, physical healing, finding UOS

Finding the healing power of love and God and feeling this now impacting my life in so many ways and in my relationship now with my husband as well- the beginnings of this happening. I am grateful for the deep healing that I feel has happened for me this year that affects and impacts my relationships and capacity to love and support others.

I am most grateful for the opportunity of meeting Sidi, for taking the Promise, and for being able to attend UOS as a first year student!


I am grateful that my heart is opening more. I am grateful that there is more love in my life.

I miss better reality for human suffering, and posses ration & spirituality as a command to empower them.

Lessons learned through pain and joy, extended relationships, and I’m grateful that I’m still here in body … more time and opportunity to fulfill my task on earth.

the miracle.

The teachings at the University and being held so tenderly by the teachers.

healthy family


Love, forgiving others and myself, better relationships with loved ones. Figuring out life, priorities. Embracing Sufism and finding amazing Shaykhs to follow.

Being with my mother right up to and through her death and loving her every step of the way.

I am grateful for the revelation that I do not have all the answers and it is ok.

I am grateful to Allah for my health, wealth, my beloved and my two daughters.

new experiences and connections

Having another son. Very special one.

Knowing that its possible to live with a peaceful heart. Thankful for love for health and prosperity. Thankful for my children and all the dear people that I’m fortunate to share life with. Thankful for all the teachings and healing that allow my heart to open and connect with God. Thankful for waking up in the morning and see the beauty of God’s creation.

For intimacy with my husband and my daughter. For my health. For the children and the people I work with.

The beautiful teachings I’ve received. This has been a year of concentrated study for me to bring my healings up to the next level and increase knowledge.

To be an American

My Sufi family

Seeing Sidi at Sufi school and being able to feel the real divine love


Allah’s provision, Mercy, and Love for me. Witnessing Allah’s all knowing and all doing. Witnessing Allah’s opening the way. Sufi sisters who give support and love.

All the healing that’s taken place. My friends. My new apartment. My current jobs. My upcoming jobs. My roommate’s dog You guys. Love itself. Allah. Creativity. Expression. Truth. Justice. Mercy. Freedom. Amin amin amin…

Allah’s mercy and nearness.

For all the times I got to sit with Sidi and the changes I feel on the inside! Now to get them working for me on the outside…

Family and community

I am grateful that my proposal has made it through the scientific merit review and is on its way to the IRB. I am grateful that my daughter became interested in Sufism and understands it some. I am grateful that I can always turn to Allah when it seems I am forsaken or lost or alone. I am grateful for the miracles that always occur when Allah is involved. I am grateful for my 3.5 grandchildren and all of my children, especially those that are on the other side of the veil. I am grateful for the love that I receive from them, and especially grateful when they choose to receive from me.


My Sheikh.

For being life. Alhamdulilahi

family, esp. grandchildren

For the blessings of Allah I’ve received primarily through my friends and family.

Inbrahim Sufi community in Minnesota Insight where I got derailed

My husband, my family and the opportunity to attend UOS.

My local community; my guide and my teachers; the doors that Allah, swt, has opened in my life; my relationship with my husband and children.

family and friends

sooo much! esp attending ushs!!! and all the blessings Allah has bestowed upon me since moving back out here to cali! esp grateful for my family and my extended Sufi fam!

The Path of Love Retreat and the scholarship that allowed me to attend the university

Since I was at the Sufi university, I learned to see God everywhere and to enjoy life more, so I thank you for that.

Sidi, the Sufi teachings and practices

to still be employed

I am grateful for the examples of faith and love that brought me, such as I am, to Allah. May Allah bless and keep the beloved safe.

The love of my husband…my ability to make amends…

Health and marriage

The power of choices , prayers and intention

I’m grateful for having the desire, courage and resources to pursue the healing path of the Sufi although I’m not sure yet how it’s fitting or going to fit into my everyday life.

I am grateful for being more grounded in reality and the influence of our guide.

Alhamdulillah! How much time do you have? I am grateful for my Guide, Sidi, for this path and the privilege and himma to be on this path. I am grateful for teachers, mentors and mirrors. I am grateful for Sufi healing practices that Allah uses to clean me of all that is not Him. I am grateful for the University of Sufism and the privilege to attend. I am grateful for my new job, the health and wealth of my family. I am learning to try to be grateful, to make du’a to be grateful, for what Allah sends that is in my highest but I don’t like it.

help from the Sufi school, teleclasses/ Said’s classes, feeling part of the Sufi community!

My family my husband and my children’s and my life on earth

My husband! My sons, the great kind people Allah has blessed me with.

Love and support from family and friends my son and all the lessons and joy that come from him the laughter of my child, it helps me to remember to play more often the strength and lessons that come from hardships and difficulties the healing energy from nature the beauty of all nature: mountains, rivers, lakes, sun, moon and flowers remembering to serve others to make this world a better place

am grateful for being more accepting of what comes my way, and feel that there’s always a next step, turning to God and ask for support and be moved to the next level..

God has been most generous – my family had the chance to travel to several places including Bahamas, Cairo, Istanbul etc. We bought a new home with some acreage. May Allah bless us and increase us in good.

I’m grateful for this incredible life living with these Sufi teachings from Sidi. The opportunity to be in my heart not my head with Allah/God/Great Spirit/Lord/Soul when and wherever I am.

Being able to let go of a great part of my desire to control my life and largely surrendering this task to God; relinquishing some self-worship and gaining more humility.

My husband, my health and the Guide.

food and shelter

My Sufi community. All the love, support & instruction I receive from it and through it:)

What else is there to be grateful for except Allah?

my husband’s health, our love for each other, my opportunity to BE the love in the world and the great love of the Most High

My move to Seattle, in other words, most grateful for deepest walking

Beginning to let go of things I cannot control and beginning to let down my guard and open my heart.

Ability to be patient and love, growing in my own understanding and experience of God, family and friends who are steady with their own practice and can offer me support when I need it!

One thing. I have finally got to know I’m not on my own god is with me.

the softening of my heart

I am most grateful for my loving family; that we are healthy and engaged in life; that we have prospered while avoiding tragedy; and that we have been blessed in all these ways while being no more worthy or deserving than anyone else. I have no idea how all of this has happened. As it is said in Alcoholics Anonymous, “It’s just a God deal.”

the pace union and love in my family and the sisters and brothers whose travel to Miami to share with Sidi thanks Allah

My beloved, my family and friends, and the amazing gifts that I feel that I have been given this year. I am grateful for the wonders of this planet that we have the privilege to occupy. And I have gratitude for the outcome of the US elections.

My children, being able to recover from foreclosure and move into a better home, and my brother being able to still be here for birthday.

A growing awareness of Allah/God in my life and the practice of all 5 prayers each day…sometimes combined due to time constraints, Thanks to Allah!

Watching my children grow into their own skins.

Being introduced to Sufism, and the health and well-being of my family and friends.

opportunities to serve.

my kids and wife

The Sufi teachings, ALLAH, my dog Andy and dear friends

I am grateful I have been able to overcome the anger I experienced after a couple of significant loved ones deliberately lashed out at me.

The times when I felt that I was really making a difference in someone’s life – whether it was another’s or my own. The times when I reached out to Allah and actually felt Allah reach back. Those were very moving experiences for me and I cherish them with all my heart.

kindness and compassion shown to me by others

Specifically in this context, Teachings such as those of the Sufi University being so much more available on the internet. Brings people in touch with teachings which in other eras of history would never have been experienced by people remote to the teacher

A roof over my head, accept my family as a vehicle of Divine Blessing foodstamps, free dirt, free concrete blocks, seeds, Allah watering my plants, new friends, and being shown I am cared for without me doing anything or forcing anything or praying for what I thought I lacked. Know I cannot force anything or force provision for myself.

That this year is ending – is has been a tough year. Especially in regard to my relationship w/my son. But I have learned a lot through the process – so all bad things have a silver lining.


Self discovery

There have been so many blessings, I would run out of room listing what has perpetually filled my heart with gratitude and love over this past year. I am grateful to be filled with gratitude and to have found a profound deep essence of love that has transformed every aspect of my living existence.

Each breath I take.