Jewels from Sufi Guide Sidi al-Jamal

Mar 23, 2011 | Sidi Our Spiritual Guide

Sidi on God, Work and Provision

In Migration of the Truthful Traveller, our Sufi guide shares about work and provision.

“So throw the fear of poverty out of your heart and do not expect to fulfill your needs with people.  Beware of being overly concerned with your provision; rather be confident in your Lord’s promise.  Your Lord is the one handling your affairs.

God says, ‘And there is not a creature on the earth save that the responsibility for its provision is on Allah.’  And you are among the creatures on the earth.  Therefore busy yourself with what you have been asked to do and this will grant your provision because God, your Guardian Protector, will never forget you and He has already informed you that your provision is on Him.  And He has asked you to pursue it through worship of Him.”