Becoming Divine Mercy

Aug 22, 2012 | Sidi Our Spiritual Guide

One of the beautiful parts of the Sufi teaching is learning that you were created as an expression of Divine mercy. Your role in the world is to be the hand of Divine love and mercy reaching out to others. Sidi al-Jamal, our Sufi guide says, “You think you are a small star but you contain the universe.”

This means that not only is mercy the foundation of the universe, it is the essence of who we are. Our essential nature is to radiate Divine love and mercy to the world. How that looks ranges from the service of our work in life to the little imperceptible things on a daily basis like smiling or radiating love to the grocery clerk who is having a bad day.

Mercy becomes an organizing principle for life. However, there are times when our automatic response may not be so merciful. It becomes a choice to stop and ask one’s self whether you want to respond from the ego or from the mercy. When mercy is chosen, it completely changes our perception of the situation and the actions we take in response to it.

How can you choose mercy?

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