2015 in Review – Gratitude for Community, Service & Grace

Dec 25, 2015 | Sidi Our Spiritual Guide

As we enter into the final week of 2015, we’ve been reflecting on some of the events and accomplishments of this year, and we are filled with gratitude! Gratitude to The One deserving of all praise, and to you for your love and support.

Here are a few of the things we have to be grateful for this year:

  • This year we enrolled our 10th Masters Class! We offered our first Masters of Divinity degrees in 2005 when we became The University of Sufism. The degree programs have continued to strengthen and grow each year – guiding each student through immense personal transformation and helping to bring the incredible lights to shine into the world in their authentic means of service.
  • We expanded our horizons to reach a global community through live interactive webinars and teleclasses. Our teleclasses and webinars were attended by more than 1000 students from around the globe, all drinking deeply from the UOS programs. In addition to our homebase in the US, we are serving students in Mexico, Canada, South America, Australia, England, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and more.
  • We are grateful and deeply touched to witness the service projects that have emerged from the practicums of our students and grads. I want to share one with you that touched me so deeply about serving the children. One of our 2015 grads wrote this article. Click here to read the full article in her words.
  • Our Alumni program has sprouted new wings this year, offering continuing education programs for grads to keep us all abreast of the latest teachings our guide brought. Development began on a new website and plans were laid to connect and support this group of amazing beings as they continue to move in service to their communities and the world. There’s much more in the works for this program in 2016 as well! Stay tuned!
  • We have identified a prestigious accrediting body, and we have begun the initial steps toward accreditation through Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • This year, we offered 25% of our tuition budget to help students in need of financial assistance attend the University.

  • And of course, we are blessed and beyond grateful to carry on Sidi’s legacy. His guidance brought The University of Sufism into being 10 years ago with the vision of seeing the flag of God’s love, peace, mercy, freedom, justice and beauty flying above every home. While we were sad to say goodbye to our guide in body, we know his spirit still guides each of us, and we are eternally grateful to serve this mission.

We wish to also extend birthday blessings for the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the Prophet Jesus. A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

Wishing you a blessed season, and a heartwarming celebration of the many signs and blessings of Allah.

We have been truly blessed this year, and, again, we are grateful to YOU!

We would love to hear what you are grateful for from 2015. Look for this post on the Facebook page and let us know.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Mastura Graugnard, on behalf of your friends and family at UOS