O Prophet! With Aisha McGuffy



Take this chance to fall in love with this amazing being sent to us from the deep Divine Mercy of God (Allah swta). We will learn:

-Stories and basics of his (pbup, or “May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him”) life as family man, leader and servant of Allah (swta)

        -More about his (pbup) merciful character (not what we see in the media)

        -How he (saaws) embodied Allah’s (swta) Mercy and revelation in different aspects of life

        -To take the opportunity to apply some of his (pbuh) teachings, actions, sayings to our own lives

        -How knowing him (saaws) can help us be drawn closer to Allah (swta), God willing insha’llah

        -To take the opportunity to connect with his (saaws) light as part of Allah’s (swta)Guidance

        -Open our hearts to his (saaws)essence so that we might learn within and without from the best of all             humanity, a Mercy to all mankind from  God Allah (swta)