The Importance of Divine Love

Apr 30, 2012 | Divine Names

What flows through your heart flows throughout your entire body. If the heart is full of pain, turbulent emotions, negative thoughts, it is believed that the blood is actually being imprinted energetically with all of these toxins, significantly stressing all of the body’s organs and tissues. It’s only a matter of time before physical disease sets in. We already know that the emotional states of the heart can affect your immune system, your hormone system and autonomic nervous system.

Without love, your heart, your body and your spirit dry up.


Your life becomes a desert no matter how much so-called success you may have, no matter how much fame, how much money or how much power.

Very few people understand these simple facts. Very few people realize how sensitive their spiritual hearts are and how many toxins they are taking in on a daily and even hourly basis, how much in need their hearts are of cleaning and purification; and almost no one knows how to open their hearts deeply to receive love, not just from other human beings but most importantly from God, from the Creator; and almost no one knows the beauty and the treasure that is hidden in their hearts.

This is the gift of the Sufi teachings that changes lives completely and is available to everyone. In Sufism, we call it “the secret of the love of God.”  When we know Divine love, the deep heart is an oasis, a refuge of love, peace and well-being. Even when feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the challenges of life, we need only to step back and remember what the heart carries and drop back in to connect.

This oasis in the heart is a garden. It is filled with the Divine love. It is always accessible right now in the moment. 

Are you ready to detoxify your heart?

Here is the answer to purifying your heart with a daily practice that will help keep it clean.