Seven Sufi Secrets that Make a Difference in Your Life

Mar 8, 2012 | Divine Names


At some point in our lives, we all need healing.  The relationship between God and healing is key to the healing process. Dr. John Laird and Salima Adelstein recently shared a teaching about the relationship between God and healing. Here are some highlights. 

1. You were born out of an act of God’s Love.
(Allah says in Hadith Qudsi: “I was a hidden treasure that longed to be known.”)  This hidden treasure is in each of us.  As a result, you are full of beauty and holiness. When you see a newborn, you see this divine holiness and beauty reflected.  Witnessing a newborn is one wy to know that it is true that we each carry divine beauty and holiness.

2. You were created in the Divine Image.
God breathes It’s Divine Spirit into the clay nature (body). This Spirit is an image of perfection and divinity. This Divinity is Light. Light upon Light Upon Light and this Light is put in your heart. The Light is made up of Divine Qualities from on High and are held in your heart. Examples of these Divine Qualities are Love, Peace, Mercy, Strength, Life, Hearing, and Beauty. You were born to carry the message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice, Freedom and Beauty for yourself and others.

3. You are a hidden treasure.
This is your natural essence or ‘fitre’. We want to help you uncover this jewel. It’s a treasure hunt to uncover the jewles in your heart. The Sufi has tools, spiritual technology for you to know this treasure and the jewels inside. Our job is to help you to know who you are and what you carry.

4. God made you a ‘trustee’ of the Divine Qualities you carry.
We are entrusted with the Qualities. The purpose of our life is to carry them, uncover them and clean them and to REMEMBER THEM. We get busy and we forget so we have spiritual practices to help us remember.

5. The condition of your heart is the key to health.
The heart dictates your health on all levels. Your heart carries many worlds. The heart carries all the imprints, memories, and emotions.  It also carries the Qualities of the Soul and the highest reaches of your mind which is called the Intellect.

6. The Source of all complete healing is God. The key ingredient is Love.
The highest form of Love is the Love that flows directly from the Divine (God). The only way to have complete healing is beyond the scope of the human being. The only source is from the healing that comes from God directly. Sufi healing brings the healing down from the Highest Light/God through Divine Lights into the world.

7. All healing can be healed directly through working through the heart.
Physical, emotional disease can be healed by the heart.

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