Divine Mercy as Our Medicine

May 28, 2012 | Divine Names, Sufi Healing

When we learn how to recognize mercy and have a living experience of tasting it our hearts, it is the medicine for anxiety, fear, feeling alone, and having to struggle through the world by ourselves.  It brings a sense of peace and knowing that everything is wonderful even when going through challenging times. It’s this experience of mercy that gives peace and strength that passes all understanding when going through challenging times.

We all have challenges in our life.

Whether it is divorce, loss of a child or job, it is the experience of mercy in your heart that gives the faith, courage, strength, and peace to get through the difficulties.  With people who have had difficult or painful childhoods that have impeded them from having fulfilling adult lives, being able to experience this Divine love, mercy and sense of Divine care is transformational.  It helps people let go of the memories/pictures, stories, voices that have held them back and given them the freedom, strength, and vision to create the life they long for.

Where could you use divine mercy to strengthen you?