Clearing up Confusion (Ya Muhaymin)

Jun 8, 2017 | Academic Programs, Divine Names

May Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you in this holy month of Ramadan. We are in the second 10 days, which are about Forgiveness, al-humduli’llah, thanks and praise be to The One.

Last week’s newsletter contained a couple of “Heads Ups,” and one of them caused a bit of confusion.

It seems my thoughts and words were unclear, so first I want to clarify the point of confusion. Then, since everything in life has the potential to teach us and draw us nearer to God, why not turn it into a teaching moment that can be shared?



Last week we announced the new Master’s Program – Advanced Spiritual Healing for Disease – which will be taught at UOS by Dr. Robert Ibrahim Jaffe, MD.

We’re very excited about what this program is bringing to our students and the potential that is being created for the field of Spiritual Healing. And apparently so are a number of you. The response was fabulous – and we are thrilled to receive your calls and emails.

The part that created confusion is the eligibility requirements.

There are 2 paths of eligibility for this program:

  1. This class is being offered in the fourth year of the Masters of Divinity program, so if you are a current student in your third year, or if you are a graduate, or if you have completed 3 years of school at UOS, you are eligible to apply. Upon completion, you will receive a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing and Counseling for Physical and Emotional Well-Being and a Spiritual Healer Certification from Dr. Jaffe.

  3. Students of Dr. Jaffe’s programs are also eligible to apply. Upon completion, if you have not completed the additional course materials for the UOS Masters program, you will receive a Spiritual Healer Certification from Dr. Jaffe.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility, please CLICK HERE to connect with one of our Enrollment Specialists.

To apply, CLICK HERE to access the online application.



Everything in life has the potential to teach us and draw us nearer to God, and it’s fun to seek those moments when we recognize a mistake. So, in attempting to clarify the confusion, I asked my friend and fellow traveler, Amina Deb Lewis, for a quality to help with clarity.

She replied with “Ya Muhaymin – the Watchful, the Protector, the Guarantor, the One Who determines without limitations.” Perfect!

In the book, Divine Names: The 99 Healing Names of the One Love, Rosina-Fawzia al-Rawi writes the following about al-Muhaymin:

“Al-Muhaymin determines what is true and what is false, and it gives us the capacity to pay careful attention to our deeds, words, and thoughts. Nothing conquers the ego as powerfully as loving mindfulness. Al-Muhaymin should not restrict our joy of life; rather it should enhance it as our awareness of right and wrong deepens.

Al-Muhaymin is connected with the Divine Names Ash-Shahid and Ar-Raqib. They help us watch our thoughts, words, feelings, and deeds.”

Prescriptions involving al-Muhaymin include:

“Human beings who activate this quality in themselves and fill their beings with it know how to observe and see themselves clearly, without any sentimentality, without ever losing sight of the balance of inner and outer expression. They see the Existence and divine laws everywhere. They have the strength to follow the straight path and to lead others on the path, while protecting them and themselves from weakening deeds.”

“When you repeat this name, guide your breathing toward all those inner spaces where you feel unsure of yourself and defenseless. May the divine breath in you fill you completely and bring you relief. You may also accompany this Divine Name outwardly and strengthen others by enfolding them in it.”

Ya Allah, Ya Muhaymin. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to learn, heal and draw near to Allah through His Beautiful Names.

May this quality bring you the clarity, strength and protection you need, and Allah knows best.

Mastura Graugnard on behalf of all your friends and family at UOS

P.S. More information on the Advanced Spiritual Healing for Disease program with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, is coming soon. Meanwhile, click here to speak with an Enrollment Specialist or click here to apply online.