A Sufi Thanksgiving Blessing

Nov 24, 2011 | Divine Names


Today, across the United States, many families will gather to celebrate all they are thankful for.

Gratitude and appreciation are reflected in God’s divine quality “ash-Shakur.” Because it’s a divine quality, it comes directly from God to you and works through you. You, essentially, are transmitting an aspect of God in those moments of gratitude.

How to prayerfully use ash-Shakur

1. Think of something you feel grateful or appreciative of.

2. Feel the opening of your heart.

3. Now, softly repeat ,”Ya Allah, Ya Shakur into your heart (Oh God, Oh Appreciative).

4. Continue to do so and allow the divine quality of the Appreciative to fill your heart and touch you.

A Lesson on Gratitude and Appreciation from our guide Sidi al-Jamal

“Allah, (God), is Appreciative because He recognizes good actions and rewards us beyond all measure. As the holy Qur’an says, and they will say, All praise and thanks be to Allah Who has removed from us all grief. Verily, Our Lord is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Ready to appreciate.

He who has a heavy heart and repeats the name Ya Allah, Ash-Shakur (the Appreciative) forty-one times over a glass of water, then washes his faces with this water, his heart will lighten, and he will be able to maintain himself.

Ash-Shakur is the One Who increases the few actions of His beloveds. He rewards them in multiples. His thanks to His beloveds is to forgive them; so increase your thanks and praise Him and exalt Him.”
~The Meaning of the Names of our Lord by Sidi al-Jamal

What are you grateful for? Please join us in a day of appreciation by posting what you’re grateful for below. 

Thank YOU for sharing your hearts and time with us each and every week! We are so grateful to be on the path of love with you.