2017: Teacher Internship Program

Nov 21, 2017 | Announcements

The Teacher Internship Program (TIP) is in a format that allows you to complete the program in one academic year. It will consist of two 6-day sessions coinciding with the on-site sessions of the University, and between sessions students will receive further instruction via distance learning classes.

TIP stimulates and challenges you to reach beyond your current understandings of Sufism, to lead from your own divine essence, and significantly deepens your walking in the Way. The curriculum remains essentially the same as in years past because it has provided the knowledge, skills and walking that equip you to be competent TA’s and/or teachers in your local  community.

Who is TIP for?

  • Students who long to teach and to help others to know the Love through experiencing Sidi’s teachings.
  • Students who are ready to know and step into the deepest truth of who they are.
  • Students who want to learn to build their own events, local communities and the University.
  • Students who want to become an unshakable container for the real Sufism, the real Islam.
  • Students who want to understand the group heart so they can walk all hearts to Allah.
  • Students who want to integrate what they are already passionate about into their teaching of Sufism.

Whether you intend to teach or not, this program will further develop your praiseworthy character traits and will walk you in a very deep way. TIP is great leadership training for any area of life. You learn how to hold and contain a group, to stand in front of a group and lead them toward a goal.


The Teacher Internship Program has Three Goals:

1. To provide the training, support, and strength so you can stand in your
essence as a teacher and leader, moving in deep surrender to Allah, capable
of offering to others what your heart most deeply wants to give and the
treasures you have received from walking this Way.

2. To share the jewels of teaching in our Way: discerning and following the
highest guidance in your classes, working effectively with the heart of a
group, working through any issues in the group to bring your students into
deeper relationship with Allah.

3. To give you the foundational skills so you can join our University team as
a Teaching Assistant (TA), and confidently guide students.




Skills You Will Receive:

Teach and Lead Groups.
Communicate and transmit teachings clearly & effectively.
Follow your highest guidance.
Clearly guide experiential processes.
Contain yourself while containing a group with love & compassion.
Link students’ questions and life situations to the path and the teachings.
Promote and fill your own classes and workshops.
Stand in your unique essence as a teacher and share your gifts with confidence & strength.

Teacher Internship Program Information & Curriculum

We are currently planning for our next TIP session, click here to sign up for updates!

Outlined below are the general TIP curriculum themes. However, we take care to adapt this curriculum to your needs and the needs of your classmates each session. Our intention is to give you the support and teachings that are in alignment with the highest guidance each step of the way, insha’llah.


1. Teaching in the Sufi way.

How to:

a. Teach as a servant for Allah in full surrender and trust.

b. Share your own gifts, knowledge, & experience in service to your students.

c. Align your teachings with your highest guidance.

d. Transmit the essence of the teachings along with the content.

e. Create coherent, dynamic, balanced curriculum for lectures, classes and workshops.

f. Design and lead group exercises that support the teachings.

g. Mentor dyads in exercises.

2. Leading groups.

How to:

a. Connect and engage deeply with people in your group.

b. Establish safety, bonding, intimacy, & trust.

c. Face & walk through your fears about teaching groups.

d. Perceive subtle influences moving through the group and clear them.

e. Pace the group with wisdom.

f. Contain the challenges of “difficult” students & questions. Learn to throw dates when stones are thrown at you.

3. Opening up the Sufi Path.

How to:

a. Open the path to others & ignite their himma to know Allah.

b. Walk students through their issues about the path and return them to Allah and the teachings.

c. Strengthen your own vessel so you stand in this path with certainty in Allah.

4. Opening Sidi’s books and the Stations of the Way.

How to:

a. Guide people to taste the love, peace, mercy, justice & freedom in their lives.

b. Read & understand what Sidi writes.

c. Grasp the keys to the stations & guide students to travel them.

5. The Teacher’s Practical Tool Kit

How to:

a. Announce & promote your events.

b. Enroll people into your events.

6. Bringing it all together.

How to:

a. Integrate & synthesize all that you’ve learned to make it your own.

b. Carry your light out into the world.

c. Stand fully in your essence, embodying your station as a teacher and a leader of this Way.

d. Create events that reflect your deepest himma, purpose, and desire to serve Allah.

e. Practice, practice, practice designing, promoting, & teaching your own events.

f. Teach what you care deeply about with confidence, certainty, and joy.

The above curriculum builds sequentially, providing a foundation and then adding the components needed for becoming an excellent teacher of Sufism. TIP homework includes a variety of teaching assignments aimed at giving you adequate practice to build your confidence and teaching repertoire.