2017-18: Meal Registration Funnel

Dec 15, 2017 | Announcements

Welcome to the new meal registration process!

Students, faculty, staff, attendees and TAs are required to purchase lunches as part of the group meal plan with the Hilton-LAX Hotel. The daily lunch cost is $30 — so, if you are attending an 8-day program (Years 1, 2 & 3) your total required meal cost will be $240 tax and gratuity included. (6-day programs will have a meal cost of $180 (Year Four and Lifelong Learning), and 2-day programs will have a meal cost of $60 (Friends and Family Program.)

The University will be handling all meal registration, and expediting the payment process with the hotel. As part of the USHS registration process on the first day of classes, you will receive a meal voucher.

The lunch buffet will include vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Breakfast and dinner will be on your own — you have your choice of one of the 4 in-hotel restaurants (or room service) or any off-site restaurant.

DEADLINE: Meals must be reserved by Thursday, July 12th. There are no exceptions.

If you are planning on attending your school session then you must purchase the meal plan through USHS by the July 12th deadline. Thank you!

Below you will find three links to purchase your meals. You may purchase your meals individually, or by 3-day, 6-day, and 8-day packages for your convenience.

You will see there is a payment plan available at checkout. These will be available until June 10th to allow for all three payments to post before the deadline of July 12th. If you purchase your meal after June 10, 2018, you will need to pay in full at checkout. If you have trouble navigating the checkout process, please email support@sufiuniversity.org for assistance.

Lunches are offered each day from July 21 – July 28.   Specifically, lunches are calculated into the following packages:

For Friends and Family Program, please purchase the 2 lunch package.

For all Year Four, and Lifelong Learning Program, please purchase the 6 lunch package.

For all Year One, Year Two, and Year Three, please purchase the 8 lunch package.

Select first your overall package, and then navigate back to this page to add one or more individual lunches as needed (below). You will see your shopping cart update automatically for each item clicked. If you have any trouble please email support@sufiuniversity.org.

Select and purchase meal plans here:


REMINDER! Please read these bullet points:

  1. Purchasing meals or a meal plan is mandatory for all students, TAs, and other program attendees.
  2. There will be no refunds issued because your meals will have already been ordered and USHS financially obligated.
  3. If you live within 50 miles of the hotel and will be commuting, you are still required to purchase the meal plan.

If you need to purchase additional lunches than is scheduled for your program, you may purchase them individually below. The link will open in a new tab, and you can add lunches by changing the ‘quantity’ field.