2018: Diving Inward: You Are the Holy Book

Apr 4, 2018 | Announcements

Only when you dive inwardly can you catch its pearls. If you only swim on the surface, its real treasure may look elusive.

All Scriptures are Divine masterpieces that need to be felt, experienced, and be an object of reflection as we feel, experience, and reflect on art. This means, we need to internalize the Scriptures verses and stories, and see aspects of ourselves into it, in order to reach meaningful elucidation that can inspire and guide us to become the most beautiful versions of ourselves.

In this Lifelong Learning Program workshop: “Diving Inward: You Are the Holy Book”, Amany will elaborate on Ibn `Ajibah’s elucidation “The Immense Ocean of The Glorious Qur’an” in which he guides us to internalize the Qur’anic clues (ayat) about ourselves, rather than just looking at its literal and historical context. As Prophet Muhammad (sa) said: “Every Qur’anic clue (ayah) has an exoteric aspect, and an esoteric aspect, a [literal] limit and an ontological [inner] initiation.”

This elucidation methodology can be applied when we attempt to read any other Holy Book. So, regardless of your religious background, you can still join Amany for “Diving Inward: You Are the Holy Book” and learn the art of Scripture’s elucidation.
BONUS: Salima Adelstein will also provide teachings throughout the workshop centered on the Reality of Gnosis and Healing.
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Program Information:

Tuition $1200 (Travel, room and board not included)

Location: Farm of Peace, Warfordsburg, PA

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Dates: April 22-27, 2018