2017: Lifelong Learning Program

Oct 9, 2017 | Announcements

Come get nourished, wash the darkness of the world away, and be guided to carry your light and love in service.

At the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, it has long been our honor to accompany the many beautiful hearts drawn to the Sufi Way, through our four-year M.Div. programs and our shorter distance learning programs. And, as Sidi often reminded us – ‘there is no end to the walking’.

It is in the spirit of that continued journey that we offer you a series of education programs designed to deepen and support your spiritual growth on the Sufi path. With that goal in mind, we have named this offering the Lifelong Learning & Spiritual Development Program.

These educational retreats are designed for students at all levels in their Sufi studies, and combine the elements of classroom learning, healing, retreat time, and daily practices . We have programs designed for prospective students, current students, graduates of USHS and the Jaffe Institute, as well as programs open to all who are interested in specific topics.

Our goal is to provide you with in depth knowledge and a deeper understanding of Sidi’s teachings, a chance to study intensively in a personal setting with faculty, access to individual faculty for support and guidance in your walking, a rekindled sense of community and the pleasure of reuniting with classmates from previous years.

The program each day will consist of morning classes on selected topics, twice-daily al-wird and check-in, retreat time and evening group practices. There will also be opportunity for individual work with faculty. This program will be taught by selected USHS faculty members, and will be directed by co-president Salima Adelstein.


What you will receive:

  • Reunion with classmates, combination of teachings, walking, healing, and retreat

  • Opportunity to cultivate community, access to faculty for individual guidance

  • In depth knowledge and deeper understanding of Sidi’s teachings, and close study of texts not previously studied in the program

  • Chance to study intensively in a personal setting with 1-2 faculty

Lifelong Learning & Spiritual Development

Program Information

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