Bless the Deadline

Sep 26, 2017 | Academic Programs

Are you someone that works well under pressure? Does a looming deadline help you to finally dive in?

We are all familiar with this phenomenon: people from diverse walks of life feel the day-in-and-day-out has it’s own momentum that doesn’t naturally create space to start, or finish projects. There are so many practical things that can legitimately prevent us from doing what we need. However, there are also many things that dissolve like vapor with the right set of pressures. So what is it about the midnight hours before a project is due that perhaps get things moving a little more easily?

It could be that the choice to put that task off is no longer available, and that can bring clarity to our path. The pressure of a deadline is maybe just the ticket to understand what we want, and reset our priorities.

When more time is no longer an option, it can open a line to pure inspiration that can breathe life into our effort. The ticking clock is what can gift us with the resolve to commit to the task, and allow the magic of hidden resourcefulness to come to our aid.

Sometimes it takes an outside force to help reshuffle the pieces of our life that can feel to overwhelming. The deadline for applications for our Low-Residency Masters of Divinity Program are due October 13th. You can make an appointment with a member of our team, or click here to fill out our application.

May the urgency of ‘now’ clear the way, and propel you into your own path of healing.



Photo 1 by moren hsu

Photo 2 by Stefan Cosma