Home Study Courses

Courses are offered to deepen one’s experience of  Sufism and Sufi spiritual healing as it applies to everyday challenges and opportunities .   Distance learning by telephone and in some instances, by video.  New programs are offered each quarter.

Spirituality at Work:  How to Thrive Like Never Before
Paul Hamid Werder teaches the foundational steps to take your work life to a new level of happiness and fulfillment in this one hour audio mp3 and electronic workbook.

Learn more about Spirituality at Work.

Healing the Inner Saboteur Home Study Courses
Jeff Rahim Bronner teaches how to manifest your God-given dreams with the support of Sufi spiritual healing.

Learn more about Healing the Inner Saboteur.

Healing the Family in the Sufi Way and Freedom to Love Courses
Nura Laird, MEd. teaches the foundations of how to build loving relationships in these two home study courses.

Learn more about these relationship home study courses.

Divine Guidance Home Study Courses
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD leads this powerful teaching.

Learn more about Divine Guidance Home Study Courses.

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