Heal Your Inner Saboteur

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Attention all spiritual seekers, business owners or anyone looking to advance their career using spiritual principles:

What happens when you have a BIG DREAM in your heart but you just can’t see the steps to getting there?

You want to change the world in a big way, but you can’t get your car out of neutral because you feel bogged down by the minutiae of life?

Maybe you make a little progress, but you’re waiting for the big leap.

One step forward, two steps back…

I know this feeling.

I learned through Sufi spiritual healing that I was stuck because I was playing too small.

What if you could uncover the ONE key that is likely blocking your God-given dreams from becoming reality?

If you have a big dream – if you want to create or build or lead people in a major way, then there are concrete steps you can take to start building your dream now.

Jeff Rahim Bronner went from broke to successful business owner, as he leads you through practical exercises to reveal your inner saboteur and lovingly guide you with Sufi spiritual practices so that you can have a breakthrough.

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Healing Your Inner Saboteur

ADVANCED: Healing Your Inner Saboteur To Reach True Success

You will:


    • Understand the real definition of True Success
    • Lean the importance of your relationship to goals
    • Understand what the saboteur is and how it works
    • Learn how to recognize where the saboteur shows up in your life
    • Discover the benefits of healing the saboteur

     Learn from a Master Sufi Healer and Teacher

    Jeff Rahim Bronner is a beloved healer and faculty member who serves God with all his heart. He believes in the majesty and awesomeness of God, and that when we turn to God for help, God makes it so that our lives are filled with wonder and awe. After earning a degree in English from UC Riverside, Jeff tried many different spiritual paths. He has personally experienced that the Sufi method of cleaning the heart and returning to God is the fastest, most merciful path available. 

    He has been a professional healer for the past nine years and was named Happy Hairston’s “Top Speaker for the City of Los Angeles.” He is a Spiritual and Medical Healing Practitioner. He leads workshops across the nation, focusing on helping people to heal sexual trauma, overcoming financial debt, and teaching couples how to find the love together.

    Learn about Healing the Inner Saboteur with Jeff Rahim Bronner

    Healing Your Inner Saboteur

    Jeff Rahim Bronner lays the foundation for success.

    In this one hour audio class with workbook, you will:

    • Understand the importance of healing your inner saboteur so you can achieve your God-given dreams that live within your soul
    • Discover what TRUE success is and receive the keys to achieving what is in your heart and soul
    • Learn how to recognize the behaviors associated with your inner saboteur
    • Understand the emotions related to the inner saboteur, what drives them and how to change them
    • Receive Sufi practices that heal your inner saboteur
    • Discover how to wash away your saboteur with your Divine light

    Healing Your Inner Saboteur to Reach True Success

    In this 4-part course, you will learn the following.

    Class 1: How to Reach New Levels of Success
    Each of us has a part that wants to succeed and a part that wants to fail. By finding this unconscious saboteur and bringing it back to the light, you can stop many problems in your life and reach new levels of success.

    • Understand the spiritual dynamic that allows you to succeed
    • Learn how to recognize the unconscious saboteur
    • Discover how to transform negative thinking into positive behavior
    • Learn a Sufi spiritual tool that stops the internal saboteur and aligns you with divine success
    • Discover the KEY to stop problems in your life so you can reach new levels of success

    Class 2: How to Know and Experience True Success
    True success comes from following your deep heart, not the selfish desires of your ego.

    • Discover how to know the real success the divine wants to give you
    • Learn how to discern what it is that drives your behavior
    • Understand how to re-align your actions, thoughts, and feelings with your divine plan
    • Experience your deeper heart and learn how to access its resources to support your success

    Class 3: Heal Your Relationship to Money
    Money is an on-going workshop that will continually show you your leading edge. By working on your money issues, you can have a life of abundance, freedom, and deep service to others.

    • Discover the secrets to a life of abundance, freedom and deep service to others
    • Learn how your relationship to money either sabotages or supports your success
    • Understand the steps to healing your relationship to money
    • Learn how to receive divine generosity and abundance

    Class 4: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams
    By marrying your passion with the desire to benefit others, you can find your calling, feel inspired and invigorated, and life the live of your dreams.

    • Understand how to use your passion so it supports the manifestation of your dream
    • Discover the essential keys to find your divine calling
    • Identify next steps that move you closer to realizing your dream
    • Understand how service to others supports your success