…O soul whose self is at peace! Return to your Lord well 

pleased, well pleasing – Q 26:89


Take this chance to fall in love with this amazing being sent to

us from the deep Divine Mercy of God (Allah, swta). 


DATES: March 24 – June 9

TIMES: Thursdays at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00pm ET

TUITION: $595 Three-Part Payment plan available at checkout (Partial scholarships also available! Contact customercare@sufiuniversity.org) 


Come join us if you have no experience or if you have been aware of him (pbuh) for a lifetime. May we all be Gifted with a deeper connection to Guidance through your experience in this class, insha’llah, God willing.

We will learn: 

(swta means “Glory be to God (Allah), most High” and saaws or pbup means “May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him”)

        -Stories and basics of the Prophet Muhammad’s (saaws) life as family man, leader & servant of Allah. 

        -More about his (pbup) merciful character (not what we see in the media)

        -How he embodied Allah’s (swta) Mercy and revelation in different aspects of life

        -To take the opportunity to apply some of his (pbuh) teachings, actions, sayings to our own lives

        -How knowing him (saaws) can help us be drawn closer to Allah (swta), God willing insha’llah

        -To take the opportunity to connect with his (saaws) light as part of Allah’s (swta) Guidance

        -Open our hearts to his (saaws) essence so that we might learn within and without from the best of all             humanity, a Mercy to all mankind from  God Allah (swta)


Aisha Sherie McGuffey is a student of knowledge, teacher & mentor in Tasawwuf (science of purification of the heart) & Islam. She is an American convert with a deep love for the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Aisha strives to learn deeply, embody mercifully & teach about him (Seerah, Shama’il, Tasawwuf, Qur’an). Her intent is to love Allah swta with every fiber of her being & to surrender all to our Creator, may He Guide us deeply and make us pleasing to Him, God willing. Professional credentials include BS Cornell University, MDiv USHS, LMP, NCBTMB, 15 years in corporate life & nearly 30 years in health care private practice & teaching.