Sufi Prophetic Healing:

Heart-Centered Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit

Free Introductory Mini-Course

If you are in emotional pain due to loss, family issues, or a life transition, struggling with financial issues and have tried other healing methods that didn’t seem to last we invite you to consider the sacred techniques in Sufi Prophetic healing.

Sufi Prophetic healing is a gentle and sacred way to impart healing to illness and imbalance of all kinds—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We seek to identify and resolve the underlying causes of illness, often originating in the heart and soul. It is said that real healing must occur in the soul as well as in the body in order to be complete. We employ traditional, time-tested methods including spiritual invocations, prayers, and practices derived from the Sufi tradition of love, wisdom and unity.

Register today and take our free, introductory mini-course on Sufi Prophetic Healing and learn how you can experience healing and greater peace and joy in ALL areas of your life!

This is a perfect course for anyone suffering from:

Health Issues

Financial Issues

Emotional Issues

Family or Relationship Issues

Spiritual Issues

In this introductory course, you will:

  • Learn how to access the Divine Light and angels to facilitate healing
  • Understand the underlying causes and beliefs of the heart that can result in depression
  • Learn the relationship of your true Divine nature and real healing
  • Discover the hidden reasons for auto immune disease
  • Understand the dynamics of anxiety and how to have internal peace
  • Learn the secret to building love in relationships

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This course is a combination of short articles and audios. Once you register, a window will open that provides you with the link to listen to the audio portion of the course. Watch your email inbox for the written portion of the course. This course is taught by Nura Laird, MEd, Director of the Student Healing Clinic.