Spiritual Life-design: How to use Divine Love and Knowledge to Create A Life of Peace, Love and Happiness

with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

February 13th, 20th, 27th and March 5th

All classes are at 8pm EST / 5 pm PST


In this 4-part telecourse, you will learn:

  • The importance of SPIRITUAL Life-Design
  • How to reach your goals using ancient methods based in Divine Love.
  • How to access God’s highest love and wisdom to design your life spiritually.
  • How to tap into gifts from above to create a life of peace, love and happiness.
  • How to stay centered and focused on manifesting your best life – the highest vision God has intended for you to live!

In four separate evening teleclasses, we will study:

  • What spirit or God is, and how we reach it. Remembrance, bowing, opening.
  • Walking through our resistance to reach God’s guidance and knowledge of our needs.
  • Embracing and receiving the plan in our hearts and living from our hearts.
  • Moving from plan into action. How to implement with clarity and acuity what we need to do.

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