As a health professional, have you been challenged to go beyond simple symptom management to help patients access the deep well of wisdom, peace and healing that dwells inside their hearts? Have you yearned for that yourself?

This 12-week, experiential teleclass is grounded in traditional Sufism, often referred to as “the path of the heart.”

Discover how to:

  • Open your heart deeply to ease your own pains and hardship and to prevent burnout.
  • Kindle Divine light in your clients for their healing.
  • Use simple Sufi meditation techniques that go beyond just quieting the mind to opening the heart to Divine love.
  • Address the spiritual basis of illness and emotional pain.
  • Remove barriers to living a deeply rich and holy life

In a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine after 9/11, it was found that 90% of Americans coped with the stress by turning to religion. Yet few healthcare practitioners are willing to address the spiritual life of their patients. Learn how to access this important resource in yourself and for others.

Spiritual Healing for Medical Professionals

12 Thursdays beginning April 23, 2015

April 23 & 30
May 7, 14, 21 & 28
June 4, 11, 18 & 25
July 2 & 9

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm PT / 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm ET

$999 paid in full or 4 payments of $249.75

We invite you to join with other caring, like-minded health professionals committed to bringing the deepest possible healing and well-being to our clients.


Students must be healing professionals. People of all faiths or non-faith are welcome to participate in the class. Sufism is a path of Unity.

Course format:

Students can participate in this voice-only class (not video) through their phones or computer with Internet access. All sessions will be recorded and delivered to students for playback, and questions can be handled over email between sessions.

About Susan Rahima Schmall, Ph.D.,R.N.

Susan Rahima Schmall, Ph.D., R.N. is a faculty member and department head of the MA in Spiritual Healing and Counseling for Physical and Emotional Health at USHS. She is a registered nurse, psychologist and master healer who has successfully brought spirituality into her clinical practice and teaching for over thirty years.

She is also the director of the Healing Intensive Retreat at the Shadhuliyya Spiritual Retreat Center, as well as a spiritual healer in private practice.

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Part one – becoming a healing presence – polishing your being into the holy instrument it is meant to be.

  1. The role of the heart in knowing yourself, the soul’s journey the divine and healing – introduction to the practice of remembrance, letting go of stress, self care through divine care.
  2. What is the natural state of the human being – the story of Adam is your story – we hold everything inside.
  3. The idols we live with – recognizing what we have made our God and transforming this – introduction to pictures and voices. The roots of hardship and burn out.
  4. The fundamentals of return – tawba – the role of forgiveness in healing.
  5. How God shows us his light inside and on the horizon – and introduction to the qualities.
  6. The use of remembrance and qualities for self healing (putting it all together)

Part two – Making your practice sacred and holy:

  1. What is sickness/ what is healing – a comparison of models of healing and unfolding the Sufi mystical perspective.
  2. The power of presence – Using your light to ignite the light of your client.
  3. Helping clients clear blocks to their own healing light, the light of God.
  4. The role of emotions (ie anger, pride, etc) in creation of illness and their transformation for the creation of health.
  5. The use of qualities and prayer to clear physical illness and emotional pain.
  6. Conclusion and wrap up.[/content_box_light_green]