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Spiritual Renewal & Infusion:  Lessons delivered to your email daily that inspire you to bring your divine connection into the everyday situations of our human existence.
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Audio Mini Courses

Learn how to apply Sufi spiritual healing to the important areas of your life:  Guidance and Decision Making, Relationships, Healing, and Success/Work Life.  These courses are audio downloads and articles that give you a “taste” of how Divine love through the spiritual heart can impact your everyday life.

Sufi Prophetic Healing Mini Course

Intro to Divine Guidance Mini course

Spiritual Healing in Families and Relationships Mini Course

Blast through Your Internal Glass Ceiling:  The Fastest Way to Transform Your Life Mini Course

Teleclasses are usually one hour and you listen with your regular telephone.  Once you register, you will receive the phone number and access code for the teleclass.  Teleclasses are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you listen to the mp3 audio file which is sent to your email after the live teleclass completes.