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Track 1 –

An Introduction to Sufi U
John Wadude Laird, MD
Track 2 –
What is Sufi Spiritual Healing?
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD
Track 3 –
Learning How to Access the Divine
Qualities of God

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD
Track 4 –
How is Sufi Spiritual Healing Different?
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD
Track 5 –
Sufi Spiritual Counseling and Healing
Susan Schmall, PhD
Track 6 –
What Does It Mean To Walk With God
Susan Schmall, PhD
Track 7 –
What Are the Benefits of Sufi Healing?
Susan Schmall, PhD
Track 8 –
Learning Sufi Sacred Meditation Technique
of Remembrance
Susan Schmall, PhD
Track 9 –
What It Feels Like To Access God
of Remembrance
Nura Laird, MEd
Track 10 –
What Are the Benefits of Working With
A Sufi Healer
Susan Schmall, PhD
Track 11 –
Is Sufi Spiritual Healing For Me?
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD

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