Do you want your life to be rewarding, fulfilling and purposeful?

Do you have a dream in your heart that you yearn to manifest?

Are you struggling with a physical or emotional pain that keeps you from living your fullest potential?

Challenge and pain are a normal aspect of life. It’s WHAT you do with these challenges that determine whether it propels you forward or keeps us stuck. Sometimes you don’t know what to do. You try many things yet you get the same result-feeling stuck. Other times you know what to do but need the support to help refocus when you fall down or get distracted.

You lose heart when your failures turn into disappointments; you lose your passion and hope; then your dreams just fizzle. Physical illness, burn-out, unhealthy habits, and emotional distress can hinder you from realizing your dreams.

You do everything you know to do and change happens, but it just doesn’t last. When you want to move your life forward, most of you could benefit from the added support of an expert or coach—a coach who will tell you the truth, support you when you fall down, provide spiritual insight and guide you to uncover the highest wisdom within you, the very key that will move you forward, permanently.If only you had a coach to support you to fully flower!


Personal Transformation Program:

Recreate, Rediscover, Reinvigorate Your Life

A Four Month Virtual Program with:

Nura Laird MEd, John Wadude Laird MD, & Susan Rahima Schmall, PhD, RN

December 2011-April 2012

PTP is an intensive healing journey CUSTOMIZED to meet your objectives. It is a program for those wishing to heal physical illness, end emotional pain, transform difficult relationships, and strengthen their connection to God so they can fully flower into their highest potential.

PTP is a one-on-one personal coaching, healing and spiritual growth program offered to people who are ready to breakthrough and live a more joyful, healthy and empowered life!

This remarkable tradition of healing not only alleviates suffering, but can remove the root causes of illness, distress and pain from the body by uncovering the inherent light of the God that lives in the heart. As this light emerges, old patterns are burned off and new insights and understandings are unveiled. You emerge a new person, free of the past, and empowered to live your fullest potential with a heart full of peace, compassion and freedom

In the Personal Transformation Program, you will:

  • Set your objectives and receive next steps to manifest your goal
  • Dissolve past limitations so that you are empowered to move forward
  • Experience divine guidance and wisdom focused on your objectives
  • Learn how to have more confidence and certainty in your spiritual connection to God
  • Deepen your ability to know divine guidance as it relates to your objectives
  • Discover spiritual characteristics that strengthen and support manifesting your objectives
  • Receive 1-on-1 coaching and healing from Sufi U faculty
  • Accelerate breakthroughs
  • Learn the process of transformation so that you can duplicate it in other areas of your life
  • Learn spiritual techniques that lend practical, grounded next steps for a complete “package” to manifest your objectives
  • Experience how opening to the divine light of God in your heart, infuses the most difficult situations with a sense of peace and freedom.

You Receive:

  • 8 private individual spiritual healings by phone
  • 3 personal, individual assessment calls
  • 5 90-min. LIVE group healing & coaching classes by phone. These calls meet group members AT THEIR POINT OF NEED. The focus is on personal and spiritual growth, Q&A, to reinforce teachings and help the group move past common obstacles and pitfalls.

Because of the personalized and individualized aspect of this program, group size limited to 10.

Work with Three Gifted Healers and Coaches
They are all gifted and experienced healers in the Sufi way. What that means is that they use a tradition of healing prayers and methods dating back through the ages, handed down from all the prophets. These healing traditions have been brought to us in modern times through our Shaykh Sidi al-Jamal, a modern day Sufi healer and guide.

Nura Laird, MEd

Nura Laird, M.Ed. is chair of the Department of Peacemaking and a faculty member. Nura has been a student of healing and Sufism since 1977. She has extensive training and experience in community and family mediation and in teaching and counseling children and adults. Since graduating from the Energy Mastery School in 1992, Nura has worked professionally as a spiritual counselor, teacher and seminar leader internationally. Nura is especially inspired to help restore the real love and peace to families, and to guide her clients and students to bring more love and peace into our world.


John Wadude Laird, MD

Dr. John Laird is the past President of the University of Sufism and a faculty member. He received his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School in 1976 and has more than twenty years of experience in direct patient care. Dr. Laird was responsible for the passage of landmark legislation in North Carolina in 1994, legalizing the practice of alternative medical therapies. Through his activities as an administrator and healer, Dr. Laird radiates the love of God to everyone he encounters. His passion and strength inspire students to trust God fully and to give their lives in service to all who need healing and love.



Susan Rahima Schmall, PhD, RN

Susan Rahima Schmall, Ph.D., R.N. is a faculty member and department head of our Spiritual Counseling and Healing program. She is a registered nurse, psychologist and master healer who has successfully brought spirituality into her clinical practice and teaching for over twenty years. She is also the director of the Healing Intensive Retreat at the Shadhiliyya Spiritual Retreat Center, as well as a spiritual healer in private practice. Prior to moving to California, she was the department chair for a graduate counseling program at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has a deep love of God and is gifted at creating a safe and nurturing space in which people with physical illness or emotional pain can work through their issues to find peace, wholeness, and harmony.


How It Works

The program is designed so that you are immersed in the healing work and Sufi teachings for four months. One week you receive a one-on-one healing. {You schedule the healings to meet your own schedule needs.} The following week is a group teleclass where you receive a Sufi teaching, have the opportunity to ask questions, and understand how the teaching applies to your specific goals. Every other week is a teaching or a teleclass for the four months. {Note that while this group begins in December, the healings and teleclasses begin in January 2012.}

Once you enroll, one of the healers will meet with your privately to discuss your objectives and make recommendations on best next steps. Limited to no more than 10 people.

Dates and Logisitics

Teleclasses:  Teleclasses are held 5:30-7pm Pacific time.  All teleclasses are recorded for any participant who cannot attend live.
January 9, 2012       Class 1-Welcome
January 30, 2012     Class 2
February 13, 2012     Class 3
March 19, 2012         Class 4
April 30, 2012           Class 5

Assessments-to be scheduled by participant and faculty
Week of January 16   Assessment 1
Week of March 5         Assessment 2
Week of April 16         Assessment 3

Healings– to be scheduled by participant and faculty
Week of January 23    Healing 1
Week of February 6     Healing 2
Week of February 20  Healing 3
Week of February 27  Healing 4
Week of March 12       Healing 5
Week of March 26       Healing 6
Week of April 2            Healing 7
Week of April 9            Healing 8

BONUS: Three mp3 recordings with workbook, valued at over $200
*How to Handle Difficulties and Challenges
*How to Heal Unworthiness
*How to Face the Inner Saboteur

Tuition is $1575 and payment plans are available.

Reserve your space here.

Call for more information at 800.238.3060, x701