How to Help People Get Unstuck

“I was dragged to the Sufi University kicking and screaming” says Mark when asked what got him started. “At that point in my life”, he said, “I was looking for something to help me in my work with small businesses and marketing. I also wanted to learn how to help people the emotional stuff that was getting them stuck.”

At an intro workshop taught by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, Mark realized that the Sufi University program could give him just what he was looking for, and more. Shortly thereafter he and his wife enrolled.

By applying the teachings and practices consistently, he discovered that painful emotions and negative thoughts have quieted down significantly resulting in a greater sense of well-being. His wife also received significant help in her own healing journey. Together they apply the Sufi teachings everyday, including the remembrance practice.

Incredible Sincerity in the Faculty and Students

“I really value the incredible sincerity in the teachers and my fellow classmates at the University. They have such beautiful hearts. I get a sense of ease and homecoming whenever I am around them.”

Spiritual Leadership at Work

Mark founded his company, the Heart of Business, on teaching the Sufi principles. His training programs teach small business owners and the self-employed to find “the spiritual teachings and the love lurking within the everyday business tasks and marketing.”

The Sufi teachings have specifically informed his understandings of and commitment to being an excellent leader. He studies the example set by the Prophet Muhammad (bpuh) and has thereby found a strong role-model of a leader who served his people, a true servant leader. This deeper understanding of what constitutes a real servant leader helped him build a cohesive and loving business team, as well as to become a better parent and spouse.

“Doing spiritual work always shakes you up. The University teachings accelerate your growth and smoothes out your healing process in a way that makes the changes stick so you don’t have to go back and keep doing the same thing over and over again.”

“Anyone who feels the urgency of our times and doesn’t want to waste time to begin serving others deeply as soon as possible – these are the people would benefit from attending the University.”

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