Human connection is a blessing of this life we are given. Not unlike the body, the ties of the heart require strength and flexibility. What does it mean to strengthen your heart? This series of free telecourses offers an expedition that can bring us back to ourselves.

Begins February 17, 2016


February 17: Pursuing Divine Perfection in Work & Daily Life with Hamid Paul Werder 

Paul Hamid Werder is president of LionHeart Consulting, Inc. and has been a successful consultant in organizational change and leadership for twenty-five years. Mr. Werder is a faculty member at the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism and teaches in the Spiritual Ministry department. He has merged his traditional business acumen with spiritual healing skills to empower leaders to work from the prophetic light that he refers to as inner wisdom. He supports students to discover their unique God-given talents and express them completely with deep humility.

March 2: Help Your Clients Get Beyond Limiting Beliefs to Their Truths with Salima Adelstein

Maxine Salima Adelstein M.Ed., D.D., helps people to discover and embody the deep truth of their beauty and essence through her work as a healer and teacher. Ms. Adelstein is Dean of Education, chair of the Department of Spiritual Ministry and Sufi Studies and a faculty member. She is a master healer who has helped hundreds of clients heal from illness and lifelong emotional pain.

March 16: Knowing the Beauty of Your Own Heart with Jeff Rahim Bronner 

Jeff Rahim Bronner is a beloved healer and faculty member who serves God with all his heart. He believes in the majesty and awesomeness of God, and that when we turn to God for help, God makes it so that our lives are filled with wonder and awe. After earning a degree in English from UC Riverside, Jeff tried many different spiritual paths. He has personally experienced that the Sufi method of cleaning the heart and returning to God is the fastest, most merciful path available. He has been a professional healer for the past nine years and was named Happy Hairston’s “Top Speaker for the City of Los Angeles.” He is a Spiritual and Medical Healing Practitioner. He leads workshops across the nation, focusing on helping people to heal sexual trauma, overcoming financial debt, and teaching couples how to find the love together.

March 30: Bringing Your Light to the World with Kamila Shenmen

Kamila is a graduate and faculty member of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. She holds a Doctorate in Computer Science and Molecular Biology and worked for 18 years at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She is also a licensed practitioner of Oriental Medicine, and a former faculty member and Clinic Director of the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Kamila’s search for true healing at the deepest levels eventually led her to Shaykh Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal and the ancient spiritual healing practices of Sufism. Having found on the Sufi way the peace and healing that comes from opening the heart to God’s love, Kamila is blessed to be able to share this path and its teachings with her students, community and clients.

April 13: Spiritual Healing for Physical, Emotional & Mental Health with Rahima Schmall

Rahima Schmall, PhD. R.N. is a faculty member and department head of the Spiritual Healing and Counseling for Physical and Emotional Well-Being program. She is a psychologist, registered nurse and master spiritual healer who has successfully brought spirituality into her clinical practice and teaching for over thirty years. She is also the director of the Healing Intensive Retreat at the Shadiliyya Sufi Center.

She has a deep love of God and is gifted at creating a safe and nurturing space in which people with physical illness or emotional pain can work through their issues to find peace, wholeness and harmony. As a teacher, she has a passion for helping each and every student develop their own unique gifts as a healer and human being.

April 27: Finding Yourself in a Relationship with John Abd Al Qadr Davies

John Abd Al Qadr Davies, LL.B., M.Litt., M.S., Ph.D., faculty member at the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, is Co-Director of the Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuilding Projects at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland. After practicing law and psychology and teaching meditation in Australia, he moved to the US in 1982. He has led or partnered in conflict transformation and peace building initiatives in over 25 countries. He has trained thousands of professionals in conflict transformation, prevention and multi-track diplomacy, including political leaders and diplomats, UN peacekeepers, police, educators, religious, traditional and civil society leaders.

He has conducted extensive research on the impact of spiritual and secular techniques in promoting peace, which has been published widely. He served as consultant to various US departments and international governments and organizations.He has dedicated his life to empowering people, organizations and communities in all cultural and spiritual traditions to create sustainable peace, wholeness and personal growth.

May 11: Subtle Levels of Consciousness with Amany Shalaby, Ph. D

Amany Shalaby graduated as an electric engineer from`Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 1985. She obtained her Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies from Islamic College of Advancing Studies, Middlesex University, London, UK in 2002 and her Master’s degree in Comparative Philosophy of Religions in 2014 from the Islamic College of Advancing Studies, Middlesex University, London, UK.

Amany works as a translator of Islamic books and teaches in diverse study circles across the states on Islamic spirituality. Amany is the author of The Essence of Creation and the forth-coming book of poetry, Hidden Pearls.

She is a co-founder of Radiant Hands Inc., an organization that helps single mothers in need, and Nur Corner Institute.