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Our mission is to provide stories from real life that are about the struggles and moments of beauty encountered. Sufism is a Path of the Heart, and so we work to refocus everything back to the heart. Sufism is for everybody. It’s genesis is alongside that of Islam, which means the language we use may be familiar to Muslims. However, Sufism is about remembering our divinity, and opening to the healing that comes with the recognition of that birthright-and has no religion.

As we endeavor to bring speakers and their perspective into your world, we hope it brings ease into all of those places which may at times keep you from remembering the holiness inside of your heart. If all you can do today is breathe a bit longer, a bit slower, we have done our job.

Whether you are Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, or any other religion, there is a place for you at our table if you’d like it. This podcast will hopefully serve to illustrate the diversity of experience in life by telling the stories of the struggles we all experience: despair, hope, love, boredom, anxiety, trauma. As we share these with you, our goal is to learn more about ourselves, and for you to perhaps learn something about yourself as well. We grow through discernment and self-knowledge, and as we grow we bring more light and warmth into our hearts.

If you would like to submit a recording of your own Fatiha recitation, or a personal story, please contact support@sufiuniversity.org.

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