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August 23, 2018

“Dealing with Difficult Decrees: How to Walk through Challenging Circumstances on the Path to Allah” with Daniel Amin Colman, where he dove into some of the processes we go through as we walk through a life of divine submission (Video and Audio files separate below):



August 28, 2018

“Benefits of Forgiving” with Nura Laird.We all have the places in our hearts that are wounded, and in pain. We cannot erase the pain, but we can purify our vision in order to see that pain, and the people who may have played a role in it, more clearly with compassion. When we do, we are free to dance in the light of the Divine, unburdened.



September 4, 2018

“One Religion: The Unity between Christianity and Islam” with Salima Antunes. Walk through some of the energetic, intentional, and even literal shared space that Christianity and Islam inhabit.

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