Creating a committed relationship that works

Jon and Esther were steadily dating each other long before they learned about Sufism. Like most young couples they were experiencing many difficulties in making their relationship work. Even though they were sincere and committed, they were still struggling with significant challenges.

Together they signed up to attend the Sufi University. “At the University we found much more than we had dreamed was possible.” The love they experienced with their classmates created the safety to deepen their connection with Allah and to surrender with greater trust to divine guidance.

Throughout their first year at the University Sa’id and A’mina brought deep honesty and sensitivity to their individual and collective healing processes. They were blessed with deeper and deeper love.

To paraphrase James Thurber: One is a wanderer. Two is company. And three is a family!

Marriage was the first natural outcome. Having their first child was the second. Nothing like having a beautiful infant child to bring forth more and more love! Sa’id and A’amina report that the Sufi teachings “have given us a new way to be with each other. They have taught us how to hold each other’s hearts and to be earth for each other and our son, Solomon.”

They have also used the healing teachings to transform the relationships within their respective families. “Some of the changes we’ve seen we never thought were possible. We are amazed and grateful.”

Their interactions with many other people out in the world are easier and more loving. A’amina brings her ability to hold hearts gently to her professional photography of newborns and their parents. (Editor’s note: the picture she and Solomon take ain’t so bad either!)

While photographing the newly blessed families, she holds everyone in quiet remembrance and seeks to capture the divine qualities radiating from their beings.

Interestingly, Sa’id’s day job is to ensure that a Bay Area waste treatment plant is sufficiently purifying municipal waste before it is released into the river. Interesting because Sufism is often referred to as the path of purification and beautification. While overseeing the plant’s physical treatment processes Sa’id is busy purifying and beautifying his work space. Often he uses the remembrance and divine qualities when seeking guidance to discern how to talk with co-workers in ways that are both effective and gentle with their hearts.

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“Given our experience, any one seeking healing should enroll in the University. Our Sufi University is the place that will give you more, teach you more, show you more about love than you thought possible. If you are seeking a deep relationship with the Divine, this is the place for you.”