Peace that Passes All Understanding

Amin’s first close encounter with Sufism came when he asked a friend for a healing session to help him through personal and professional struggles that were coming to a head. From the moment he sat down in the chair, he felt a shift in his heart. He went inside and asked to know what he was feeling. He got the answer: “This is the peace that passes all understanding.”

He was hooked. He prepared himself to attend the University by taking Sufi workshops, reading Sidi’s books, learning how to walk through the stations and deepening his connection to God.

Healing to Escape the Prison of My Ego

Everything in his life changed by going to the University. Personal healing was the first order of business. As Amin tells it, “The school gave me the tools I needed to escape the prison of my ego and to experience the freedom that comes through the Divine Reality. By seeing my self through God’s eyes I became free to serve His creation.”

And he met Maryam, a dedicated Sufi practitioner who, like himself, wanted to serve Allah. Soon they were married and are now walking through the beautiful (and challenging!) stations of divine love.

Service in Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Amin’s spirit resonated deeply with Sidi’s impassioned teachings about the importance of taking care of the environment. This had already been weighing heavy on Amin’s heart and was something he wanted to bring to his work. He soon realized that the Sufi University could give him the skills to make his soul’s desire a reality.

Amin now works as a consultant to large corporations and guides them to make economically sound business decisions that promote environmental sustainability. By teaching him how to deepen his own connection to Allah, his University education taught Amin how to deliver the message of love, peace, mercy and wisdom to business leaders.

He readily enumerates some of the many essential skills he learned:  how to hold people’s hearts individually as well as in groups; how to apply principles of Sufi communication, how to stand strongly in the Light of Allah and trust deeply in the guidance Allah gives him.

Amin says, “Life isn’t perfect. There are still difficult times.” However he now realizes that difficulties can be beautiful opportunities to deepen his surrender and walking to Allah. In turn, this helps him serve his family and clients even more lovingly.

When asked who he would invite to attend the school he says, “The University teaches the path of love, peace, mercy, justice, freedom, and beauty. Anyone who wants more of that in their life should come!”

Quotable quotes from Amin

“The school is about changing your creation for God’s creation.”

“I often work with large groups of people trying to create positive change in their business systems so they can align more with what I see as the divine imperative calling them to be stewards of the creation and to care for it in name of the Divine.”

“I cannot imagine my life without this path and the teaching and capacity it has given me. It has deeply changed my life.”

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