Mixing Marriage, Business and Sufism

One couple’s journey into the worlds of love and service


Can Choking on a Sandwich be a Sign from God?

One day when having lunch with some friends who were already attending the University, and after receiving several Sufi healings from one of them, Jo Ann was asked, “When will you be starting school?” In a flash she responded, “I WON’T be going!” and then she choked on her sandwich. She thought to her self, “Maybe my reaction was just a little strong. I might want to look more deeply into this.” Look into it she did and shortly thereafter she enrolled.

This stuff is for real!

David, on the other hand, was more stubborn. He watched the wonderful changes Jo Ann was experiencing, but insisted initially it wasn’t for him. He had his own path. Since they were dating he did agree to let her practice her Sufi healings with him. She would also drag him to workshops, and he would humor her and go to introductory evenings but never more than that.  In those healings and workshops, however, he always experienced something profound that told him that “this stuff is for real, and really works.”

Everything changed when Nuh saw how the Sufi “Hand of Allah” healing turned around his son’s baseball team during a tough game. He told Samah, “If we win this game, I will go and see your Sufi teacher Sidi.” They won and he went.

“Sidi Style” of Merger and Acquisition

Nuh and Samah wanted to move a little deeper in their dating relationship and decided  to ask Sidi about working together as business consultants. Their local teacher, Salima Adelstein, currently Dean of the University, encouraged them to ask Sidi their questions but warned, “I believe that if you go to him, Sidi will probably marry you two.” Nuh shook off that possibility as not likely. They went and asked Sidi about working together and within two seconds he had them taking the divine marriage promise.

Since then it has been a beautiful walking, using what they learned at the University in their marriage, family, and professional life. “A Sufi marriage does not mean there is no conflict. There are still issues to walk through. The profound part is that you are walking together to Allah. It is fun to be on this path together.

For over four years they’ve hosted monthly dhikrs (group chanting of the remembrance) and teachings together in their home. “Those two hours I am teaching with Samah are the most fulfilling hours of my month.

Work as Service

When Nuh and Samah run into issues in marriage or business, they know when their ego is getting hooked and what to do about it. “In our professional practice, we are very clear about Whom we are serving. We aren’t excessively worried about the client’s reaction anymore. What matters most is that we delivered the message Allah asked us to deliver.”

Before coaching sessions they both “sit with” their client’s heart or the “group heart” of their clients asking for guidance and sending healing. This simple process helps them serve the client’s needs more quickly and deeply.

Samah used to be concerned that she did not have the same advanced degrees some of her colleagues had. However, she is repeatedly selected for important assignments over some of those colleagues. Why? She has been told by her consulting firm’s partners that she can take the clients to deeper states of understanding and transformation more quickly and effectively. People see that David and Jo Ann carry something different and they are hungry for that.

“We are so grateful for having been able to go to the University. The University is like a rocket ship for your walking to Allah.”

Relationship tips from two real beloveds

“Whenever relationship conflict arises, choose to be in the love over being right. Being ‘right’ creates separation. Love creates connection.”

“Never make it about the other person.  Find the places in yourself that need cleaning and healing.”

“If you have an issue with each other, turn to the Divine because that is where the real healing and reconciliation happens.”

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