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Sufi Prophetic Healing can change your life. If you are in emotional pain due to loss, family issues, or a life transition, or if you have chronic physical pain, such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, Sufi Prophetic Healing can help you. Perhaps you are simply at a crossroads in your life, and would appreciate some guidance.

What is Sufi Prophetic Healing?

Sufi Prophetic Healing is a gentle and sacred way to heal illness and imbalance of all kinds—physical, financial, emotional, mental and spiritual. In a healing, we seek to identify the “veils” or the underlying causes of illness, and invite sacred, divine light and love to “wash” those areas. From the Sufi perspective, illness originates in the soul, and eventually manifests in our lives. It is said that transformation must occur in the soul as well as in the body in order for the healing to be complete. The healer in the Sufi way strives to be a vessel through which Divine light and love can freely flow, recognizing that all true healing comes from the Divine. We employ traditional, time-tested methods including spiritual invocations, prayers, and practices derived from the Sufi tradition of love, wisdom and unity. These ancient techniques are not only gentle and clean, they are incredibly thorough and effective!

What Do People Experience with Sufi Prophetic Healing?

One woman was on dialysis and was scheduled for a kidney transplant. After only a few spiritual healing sessions, her kidneys began to work. Her doctor was stunned; he has known only two patients for whom this has happened. Now they are wondering whether to go ahead with the plans for transplant.

Another person hated his job and didn’t get along with his co-workers or boss. After several spiritual healing sessions, his entire perspective has shifted and he now loves going to work.

One mother hadn’t had any contact with her adult son for seven years. After several spiritual healing sessions on her pain around this, he “unexpectedly” phoned her to have dinner together.

How Do I Get Started?

  • To book your free Sufi Prophetic Healing with a current UOS student, click here.

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[expand title=”Why would you choose Sufi Prophetic Healing?”]
1. Health Issues

  • If you have a physical illness and you know that you need to address the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects that are related to the dis-ease in your life.
  • If you have explored many avenues for healing a physical disease and no one has been able to help you.
  • If your physical issues are being treated, but you need extra support.

2. Financial Issues

  • If you are not able to bring the income you need into your life, no matter how much you work.
  • If you experience fear and anxiety around money and need spiritual resources to navigate through life.
  • If you want to know how to be with money in a divine and holy way.

3. Emotional Issues

  • If you experience depression, fear, or anxiety that hold you back from living the life you know you are meant to live.
  • If you have experienced a loss (job, family member, relationship) and would like support around grief.
  • If you have made mistakes in your life and need help around forgiveness, so that you can move on and make a fresh start.
  • If you want help in managing stress, overwhelm, or uncertainty in your life.

4. Family or Relationship Issues

  • If you experience isolation and disconnection from important people in your life.
  • If you want freedom from resentment and grudges.
  • If you long to heal unhealthy patterns in your family and relationships.

5. Spiritual Issues

  • If you feel empty or lost and would like to re-connect with your spiritual heart.
  • If you want to deepen your connection to the Divine.
  • If you often feel afraid and would like to experience Divine protection.
  • If you are unsure of certain decisions and want to access Divine guidance.
  • If you need help breaking through barriers that are keeping you from living your full potential.


[expand title=”What can you expect in a Sufi Prophetic Healing session?”]
From the Sufi perspective, the heart is where imbalances and blockages to health are held. The heart contains imprints from past trauma, painful emotions and fear-based protective defenses. And yet, deep inside your heart is the home of Divine purity, goodness, love and unity, which is your original nature. This original nature has become covered by “veils” that come from your early life. By calling on the Light of the Most-High, Sufi Prophetic Healing removes these veils so that your true nature can emerge.

Every session and every client is unique, but the session begins with an interview to identify your concerns and to clarify the intentions for the session. This is usually followed by a prayer to create sacred space and to invoke Divine support. Then you are guided into your heart to access your deepest concerns. Then your healer invokes the Divine power of healing to bring the help you need. During this time you might experience a shift in your physical condition, emotional state, and/or spiritual orientation. The healer guides you to receive whatever is being sent by Allah, the Arabic word for The Divine, in order to gain the fullest benefit from the session. At the end, the healer will allow time for integration and reflection.

There is no effort on the part of the healer to try and convert you to any particular spiritual path or belief. You are met where you are, and the healer is there to facilitate your process, not to control the outcome.

Although we can make no guarantees, we have seen the healing of a large variety of illnesses such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and auto-immune diseases. In addition to relief of pain and decreased illness, our clients often report marked improvement in their quality of life, with increased love, mercy and peace.

[expand title=”Who are the healers?”]
Your healers are students in their second, third, or fourth year of study at the University of Sufism. They have undergone a process of deep spiritual development and have received extensive training in order to bring you an experience of Sufi Prophetic Healing. In addition, they receive mentoring and supervision from their faculty advisor.

[expand title=”What happens once I book a healing?”]
Once you follow the links to book your healing, our student clinic director will put you in touch with your healer, and you’ll have the opportunity to schedule the session.

Since this is a “virtual clinic,” your session can take place either by phone, on Skype, or even in-person if there is a healer in your geographical area.

Healing sessions are one-on-one, private, and confidential. Each healing session is approximately an hour in length. All our healers are trained in professional ethics and your personal information may be used only for supervision purposes.

[expand title=”FAQ’s”]
Do I have to believe in God to receive this kind of healing?
No. This kind of healing works for anyone who has an open heart, and for people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

How can I reach someone to express feedback or concerns after a healing?
Our contact information is below.

Will my information be kept confidential?
Yes. All our healers are trained in professional ethics and your information may be used only for supervision and training purposes.

If I cancel less than 24 hours ahead, can I still reschedule?
If you cannot keep your appointment because of unavoidable situations such as sudden illness, family emergency, car accident, etc., you may reschedule for another time. If your original healer cannot reschedule with you, we can reschedule you with a different healer.

If your healer needs to cancel the appointment for any reason, they will reschedule the healing session with you for another time.

If you have any questions, please email

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Sufi Prophetic Healings are offered by the UOS Student Healing Clinic and conducted by students at the University of Sufism.

The student healers receive ongoing training and mentoring from the Clinic Director, but the sessions are not recorded or directly supervised.

There is no medical or psychiatric supervision at this clinic.

Student Clinic healers are not authorized to make medical diagnoses or provide medical, psychological or addiction rehabilitation treatment. The medical profession does not recognize or approve of spiritual healing. It is your responsibility to continue to see, consult with, and follow the advice of your regular medical doctors or health-care professionals.

Deep healing work may uncover hidden or unconscious personal issues and you are fully responsible for yourself and your actions at all times. If you are unwilling to address any particular issue, it is your responsibility to inform the Student Healer. The Student Healer is not responsible if you fail to notify him/her of any personal feelings or issues.

The Sufi tradition holds that God is the Healer and the healer is only a facilitator. This field has not been studied scientifically. We cannot guarantee any specific improvement or changes in your medical or psychological condition. You will be asked to certify to the best of your knowledge that you have no medical or psychological conditions that prohibit you from participating in this program or put you at significant risk. You will be asked to submit a description of relevant medical and psychological history, including prescription medications and mind-altering substances.

The Student Healer and UOS are not legally responsible for any real or imagined changes in your condition.