Blast through Your Internal Glass Ceiling

Free Mini Course

Blast through Your Internal Glass Ceiling

The Fastest Way to Transform Your Life

What is the number one thing that holds people back?

Self doubt.

We have created a special free mini-course to help you move past the “doubting tom” using sacred spiritual healing techniques.

People get a great idea, a true inspiration in their heart that was placed there by God. And then they say, “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know if I should do that thing that I love more than life itself that just might help others as well. Let me go back to this boring job because at least it won’t trigger or upset other people.

What kind of way is this to live?

Life is short, my love. So short.

In this free course, you will:

  • Learn secret Sufi healing techniques to master your own limiting beliefs and create more success and happiness in your life.
  • Understand the first step to freedom is how to recognize the internal patterns that stop you.
  • Understand how to be in the divine ‘flow’ rather than fighting to go ‘upstream’.
  • Discover how to use the spiritual heart for empowerment.
  • Understand how to identify which beliefs keep you stuck.
  • Reveal who is REALLY driving your ‘show’ and re-align to your Highest thoughts.
  • Learn spiritual principles to create success and lasting transformation in this free course.

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Jeff Rahim Bronner, UOS Faculty, leads short audios on healing what holds you back followed by a series of articles to help you apply the principles taught by him.  Once you register you will receive the link to listen to the audios.  Watch your email inbox for future articles that are in this course.