In honor of the many requests we have received to host another retreat taught by Fawzia, we are grateful to be able to invite you to this amazing new program. This unique program will be for everyone and is broken out into 3 parts. Two of the sessions will be held online as well as an eight day on-site gathering at the Farm of Peace where Fawzia will be joining us in person. The eight day program will be broken up into two segments, where the first four days will be for everyone with the last four days being reserved for women only. 

Fawzia has put a stunning program together for us where we will be invited to discover how to access the love of Allah in our lives, to receive practical guidance on bringing the feminine and the masculine into harmony within ourselves and with one another. This beautiful program will provide us with practical teachings, helping us to learn how to find joy and balance within our own lives while learning how to be in service to Allah in this world. Through teachings and exercises we begin to deepen our understanding of the dignity of the human being, of the unity, of healing, mercy, wisdom, moderation in Islam and patience on our life journey.


Program Dates and Tuition

The April webinar and July in-person session have concluded.
We encourage students to sign up for the November webinar!



April 6 & 7 – Recording available! – $250
Nov 9 & 10 – Webinars 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST – $250

Esta conferencia será traducida al español, via zoom


Payment plans are available, please see options at checkout.


About the Program Offerings:

During the online webinars Fawzia will give teachings, along with reference to Hadith and the Qur`an, exercises, and some Q&A time. The on-site sessions will consist of morning and afternoon teachings, plus exercises, personal question times, and evening activities.


Dr. Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi was born in Baghdad and spent her childhood in Iraq and Lebanon. Her grandmother initiated her into the culture and traditions of the Middle East where belly-dancing played a major part as an expression of the world of the feminine. She holds a PhD in Islamic studies. She completed her Arabic, Islamic and ethnological studies at the Universities of Vienna and Cairo. She then spent 12 years in Jerusalem where she brought up her children and worked at the Institute for the Promotion of Palestinian Agriculture and at the University of Jerusalem, while deepening both her theoretical and practical knowledge of Sufism under the guidance of Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Al-Jamal. She has been living in Vienna with her husband and their three children since 2001. She has been teaching Sufism for over 20 years. She holds workshops in various countries and works particularly with women.