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Brain Entrainment with Sound (5 in Yuval Ron series)

Brain Entrainment is the 5th of 13 amazing classes in our special online series, “Healing Sounds of the Wisdom Traditions” with Yuval Ron. Explore the science of sound and how certain frequencies are able to affect the listener’s mood and inner imaginal realm. Brain entrainment—the process of synchronizing brain waves to a specific rhythm—has been […]

Healing Early Christian Chant Traditions

Join Yuval Ron to explore the hidden wisdom of the early Christian-Coptic, Marunite, and Armenian traditions of sacred chanting and mindfulness practices.

Meditations on Sound from Nada Yoga (8 of 13)

Learn about the transformational power of Nada Yoga—the yoga of sound, an ancient metaphysical Hindu system that uses sound and breathwork to bring the experience of unity between the inner and outer worlds.

Six Healing Sounds from Qi Gong (10 of 13)

Tenth class in our special online series, “Healing Sounds of the Wisdom Traditions” with Yuval Ron.  Students will be introduced to the gentle movement artform of Qi Gong and explore traditional Chinese medicine healing practices that have been demonstrated to improve circulation, focus, and balance while also reducing stress and instilling peace.

Sacred Ecstasy in Sufi & Hasidic Traditions, Part 1

Experience the inner workings of ecstatic Hasidic music and dance along with the Sufi practice of moving prayer-meditation. 10th class in series with musician and teacher Yuval Ron.