If you are like most people in today’s world, illness and life events can become overwhelming. You may feel challenged by figuring where to start when facing deep emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, and spiritual issues. You may even have difficulty trying to carve out time for reflection and simply time to take a deep breath.  A Healing Intensive Retreat may be just the solution for you.

This 4-day retreat offers you the perfect environment to find the inner peace and sense of direction that you desire. It creates every opportunity for you to feel a deep connection with God.  Healing comes from connecting to a deep place in your heart that is inherently healthy and holy. When your heart makes a deep connection with divine love, miracles can happen.

Immersion in a healing environment can open inner doors and make it possible to face your issues in a strong container of love,mercy and safety. This environment can help you to move through your issues of health, relationship, or emotional wound issues to a place of greater peace and freedom.

This healing program is based on ancient Sufi practices. This premier program is offered by students who are candidates for the Masters of Theology in Spiritual Healing and Counseling at the UOS and is supervised by Rahima Schmall, PhD and Nura Laird, MEd.  The program begins with an initial assessment by Rahima Schmall, PhD and Nura Laird, MEd, Master Healers, who then give assignments to student healers whose strengths specifically correspond to your needs.

Sufis believe that all healing happens through the heart.  Through gentle guidance, you will learn to open your heart, allowing for deep physical and emotional healing. You will leave with feelings of love and connection, as well as with skills to help you continue your process.

The program includes:

  • An individual assessment by Nura Laird and Rahima Schmall
  • Individual healing sessions
  • Group teachings on Sufi practices that will help you deepen your heart connection
  • Body work treatments
  • Journal
  • Audio CDs as a tool to help carry the teachings with you back into your life assisting you to integrate the changes into your life
  • A final assessment to outline your progress and determine your next steps


Benefits of a healing intensive retreat:

  • Improved physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Release of unwanted negative patterns
  • Deepen and expand your spiritual connection
  • Attract and build healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Overcome obstacles to joy and fulfillment


Locations and Date:

  • TBD