This course will focus on a deep reflection on the meaning and language of the Quran, providing both the traditional Qura’nic science you would receive in any university course, as well as the spiritual reflections that Sufi hearts crave.

It will be taught by Amany Shalaby, MA, longtime translator of Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, Shaikh of al-Masjid al-Aqsa.

DATES: November 12-February 25 (Bypassing November 26, December 24 and 31)

TIMES: 5pm PT/8pm ET

TUITION: $595 (Three part payment plans are available!)

The class will be taught entirely in English. No previous knowledge of Islam or Arabic is needed so non-Muslims are welcome, too. Each 60-minute session should allow some time for questions.

Students will learn how the Quran came to be revealed, the guidelines that scholars set for interpreting the Qur’an, some of the scholarly known commentaries that are widely accepted, and focus on Surah al-Baqrah (The Cow).

Through this course you will be given:

  • Preparation for academic classes on the Quran.
  • Spiritual guidance on connecting the outer world and the inner world together in harmony through reflecting on the deep meanings of the holy book.
  • Help in bridging the traditional science of spirituality with the traditional form of Islamic practices.
  • Reflecting on the different translations of the Arabic words in the Qur’an which can broaden our understanding.

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A message from Amany: