Healing Your Inner Saboteur

“The key is actually not what we find inside, but what we do with it.
God can heal anything.”

Attention all spiritual seekers, business owners or anyone looking to advance their career
using spiritual principles:

What if you could uncover the ONE key that is likely blocking your God-given dreams from becoming reality?

Learn how UOS Faculty Member and business owner Jeff Rahim Bronner went from broke to successful business owner, as he leads you through practical exercises to reveal your inner saboteur and lovingly guide you with Sufi spiritual practices so that you can have a breakthrough.

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1  Definition of True Success

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2   The Importance of  Your Relationship to Goals

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3  How the Saboteur Works

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4  Where the Saboteur Shows up in Your Life

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5  Benefits of Healing the Saboteur

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In this one-hour audio class and workbook, you will:

*Understand the importance of healing your inner saboteur so you can achieve your God-given dreams that live within your soul

*Discover what TRUE success is and receive the keys to achieving what is in your heart and soul

*Learn how to recognize the behaviors associated with your inner saboteur

*Understand the emotions related to the inner saboteur, what drives them and how to change them

*Receive Sufi practices that heal your inner saboteur

*Discover how to wash away your saboteur with your Divine light

Who is Jeff Rahim Bronner?

Jeff Rahim Bronner is a beloved healer and faculty member who serves God with all his heart. He believes in the majesty and awesomeness of God, and that when we turn to God for help, God makes it so that our lives are filled with wonder and awe. After earning a degree in English from UC Riverside, Jeff tried many different spiritual paths. He has personally experienced that the Sufi method of cleaning the heart and returning to God is the fastest, most merciful path available. He has been a professional healer for the past nine years and was named Happy Hairston’s “Top Speaker for the City of Los Angeles.” He is a Spiritual and Medical Healing Practitioner. He leads workshops across the nation, focusing on helping people to heal the inner saboteur, sexual trauma, overcoming financial debt, success, and teaching couples how to find the love together.


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